Fundraising tips: how to improve donor conversion rates

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Fundraising tips: how to improve donor conversion rates

You work hard to show the important work your nonprofit does for the community. You send out newsletters, organize events, post on social media platforms and much more. Eventually, when the word goes, people want to support your cause and visit your site’s donation page. At this point, you might think you’ve done all you can to increase your donor conversion rate. That you might have sparked people’s interest in donating, but you’re not done yet!

Only a small percentage of the people who visit your site will actually donate. You will need to put in place ways to convert these visitors into donors. This is where knowing how to use a Donor Conversion Rate, and how to leverage it, will help.

But first, what is a conversion rate?

Conversion rate = Donations received / Unique visitors

This means that the higher your conversion rate is high, the more people who visit your donation page are likely to make donations. When you want to improve your gifts, you need to make sure you’re converting your donors well before spending a lot of energy getting them to your page.

Think about it, if you double your conversion rate, that means every action you take to fundraise will have twice the impact. You can improve your conversion rate instantly by creating a form with GiveCentral.
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How do you measure the conversion rate of your donors?

To measure your organization’s rate, you will need to integrate your donation form into your website. If you use fundraising platforms like GiveCentral, it’s easy to embed the form right on your website. In-built user reports on your dashboards help you get more insights. You can even compare this data to Google Analytics and verify the number of unique visitors to your form to the number of donations received. And just like that, you will have calculated your conversion rate!

Increasing your conversion rates

There are so many small changes you can make to optimize your donation page– to turn that half-filled form into real action, so you can have a bigger social impact.

Explain how donations are used

Users who visit your site know your mission, but are more likely to donate if they truly understand how their donation will be used. You will have to show the work you are doing to achieve your goals. By making the impact of their contribution evident, donors are more inclined to give. 

Create a simple flow

Sometimes we lose donors because they get lost. Too often people land on a donation page, click on the “donate” button and are taken straight to the home page! Make sure that once someone is on your donation page, they’re not distracted. Their experience should be as direct as possible. Your donation form should be visible immediately and ready to be completed.

Minimize the number of clicks on your form

Long information forms deter your donors from making a donation. Think about it! If your donors have to click on fewer options, it is likely that they will spend less time on the form. This increases the likelihood of them filling it out. Another way to speed up the process is to create smart defaults for the responses. 

Make sure your form is compatible with mobile phones

Just as online shopping has increased on cell phones, so has donation. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that your site and your donation forms are mobile friendly.

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