5 Magic Words to Help Increase Charitable Donations

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5 Magic Words to Help Increase Charitable Donations

Words can be the perfect icing on your already beautiful cake! Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to keep those charitable donations coming all year round.

Canadian writer Robin Sharma rightly said, “words can inspire and words can destroy, choose yours well”, it is very important to be mindful of the words you use in your communications, especially when fundraising for nonprofits. 

With this article, GiveCentral brings you 5 words that you can incorporate into your fundraising appeals, donation forms, website and even social media captions and drive your donors into action and increase charitable donations. 

1. Thank you 

You might be thinking how this word should be towards the end of the list, but why not? This term of gratitude has a magical effect and immediately puts people in a receptive mood. This word is also an ego booster, letting your audience know that you think good of them. Do not save your thank you just for acknowledgement letters, in fact, it is ideal to begin your message with a thank you! Social media is a huge part of fundraising for nonprofits, therefore you can also create thank you posts for your supporters time and again. 

2. Because

This is a word that can bring persuasiveness to your entire message. In a recent study by Harvard Magazine, the use of the word “because” can bring a big difference in the result of your communication, it acts as a trigger for acquiescence. There are several ways to use the word; “these children need your help today because they are running out of food” or “I am sharing this story with you because you can help in so many ways”. Make your statement stronger by stating your reasons.

3. You

Directly addressing the person you’re writing to is more likely to grab the attention of the reader. When you enter a hotel and the receptionist pays full attention to you, it becomes easier to communicate. However, when the receptionist has too many people to tend to and talks to many people at once, there is an absence of connection and there is a lesser chance of you going back to that hotel. This is why using the word “you” is of great importance here; it creates a one-to-one conversation. A good example would be, “you can help in delivering the care that these children deserve”. 

4. Little

This word can also be substituted with “small”, these two words can be used to communicate that the donations from your donors are not adjustments and sacrifices, but small acts of kindness that will be helping other people in big ways. Using a sentence like, “A small gift of $5 will help these homeless workers” can really elevate your appeal. That being said, you must be careful not to use these words in such a way that generosity gets minimized. Think through it, get it proofread by your colleagues and seniors, the end result must be humble yet strong.

5. Support

When you send out donation appeals, you’re asking for support. In alignment to this fact, it is ideal to use the word “support” on your donate button and bottom of your landing page. Along with this, you can use images and videos to make your communication more engaging. Human beings are extremely visual beings, therefore, this will help you step up your strategy and execution as you continue to raise funds for a good cause. 


To increase charitable donations, appeal to the heart. And as you continue to communicate and create relationships, make sure that you are using the right platforms to reach your audience. Fundraising for nonprofits is also about managing donors and tracking all records accurately, for this your nonprofit requires a seamless donor management software. Through the process of your fundraising campaign, your goal must always be to build trust and a lasting bond.

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