GiveCentral’s new live streaming tool for nonprofits

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GiveCentral’s new live streaming tool for nonprofits

GiveCentral is excited to soon be offering a live video fundraising tool GiveCentral Live! It will be an intuitive, live streaming tool for nonprofits that will help you keep fundraising during these challenging times. As we can already see, Live streaming keeps getting more and more popular on the internet. Many parishes have started using Facebook Live, or YouTube to allow parishioners to participate. GiveCentral Live offers a solution that allows for your community to participate more easily and make a donation right from the streaming screen! Also, as a fundraiser, you can share on your social media accounts, same as you do now.

What’s an added advantage is that you don’t need a new account setup or worry about the technical bandwidth issues. Your GiveCentral event dashboard lets you create a unified giving experience and gives you the ability to engage your supporters anytime, anywhere. You can curate your own content, live-stream your event, and foster community among your supporters—even in a virtual world.

How is GiveCentral Live different than live streaming tools?

There are many advantages of a live streaming tool for nonprofits and businesses, but, before you make a decision to buy, consider these cons too. The main downside of live streaming is that it’s live. There are no second chances.

With GiveCentral, you can record and upload a session to be presented at a scheduled time. This gives you plenty of time to create meaningful content and also to make edits.

Built specifically for small nonprofits and churches, it also allows for parishioners to submit prayer requests and contact information and integrate the Donate button right in the live streaming screen. Any administrator can set this up easily, then share the link on your social media accounts, as well as email direct invitations to donors and parishioners already in your GiveCentral database. Parishioners can share the streaming link on their social media accounts as well, letting you reach a broader audience quicker.

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How can I get started?

If you’re a current GiveCentral client, more information about a free trial will be coming soon. For those of you who aren’t yet using GiveCentral – don’t miss out! Please reach out to our team by clicking the link below!

 Learn More.  


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