Nonprofit Videos That Inform and Inspire

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Nonprofit Videos That Inform and Inspire

Stories can be magic; stories have the power to transport you to another world, make you feel new emotions and teach you empathy. All aspects of a nonprofit business including fundraising for nonprofits require a strong and compelling storytelling in order to get their message out and state their purpose. Images and videos combined can create an impact that can bring about more understanding of your business and of course, donor loyalty. 

Storytelling for nonprofits can be done in a number of ways; social media posts that talk about their fundraising campaigns and the impact that has been brought about. Storytelling could also be in the form of client testimonials or giving a sneak peek of behind the scenes at your office. The main focus here is largely around engaging your audience and getting them to know your organization better and believe in your mission, as much as you believe in it. Let’s quickly take a look at a few nonprofit videos that have been able to inform and inspire in many ways. 

Most Shocking Second a Day Video

This is a video by Save the Children, an organization that helps children learn, grow and become what they want to be; protecting children and their rights has been a major focus of the organization. This video shows how big an impact war can have on children, a young girl’s life turns upside down and innocence is given a new face.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

This content created by Greenpeace International is all about creating a world that we can breathe in, an environmental filmmaking at its best! The organization works on detoxing cities and carries out clean air programmes, among others. 

Together We Can Solve Hunger

A video that tells the story of Feeding America and what the organization does, it showcases how food banks have been helping individuals and families all over America. The video shows the lives of people who are actually receiving help. In the same way that donors contribute to fundraising for nonprofits via methods such as crowdfunding, food banks by Feeding America is an effort to solve hunger together. 

100 Million Lives impacted

In short, Acumen is changing the way the world tackles poverty by combining the best of charity and market-based approaches. The organization attempts to end poverty by creating a venture capital fund for the poor. This video beautifully shows the impact of the investment efforts in different parts of the world.

Throwback to 2018 

This video by GiveCentral is a perfect example of how your organization can include throwback(s) in your content and showcase how your partners have benefitted from your services. The content here is specifically focused on the organization’s product launch a few years ago, reasserting the mission and values that surround GiveCentral. 

The Spring

Charity: Water is a nonprofit organization that aims to end the global water crisis and bring safe and clean drinking water to people in the developing countries. The video “The Spring” tells the story of the organization and what it does, narrated by Scott Harrison, founder. The content uses personal sentiments and emotions to connect with the audience and help understand the whole concept of the cause. 

We Are First Descents

This video by First Descents shows how the organization provides life-changing outdoor adventures for cancer impacted young adults (age 18-39). These young adults could also be individuals impacted by other serious health conditions. They are empowered to surf, climb, and kayak beyond their diagnosis and connect with others doing the same. The video spells and spreads good vibes and encouragement, definitely what the world needs to see. 

As an organization focused on fundraising for nonprofits, it is important to connect with your supporters and let them know as much as you can about your organization and your ways and measures. It is entirely up to you if you would want to tell your story via audio, images or videos; just be sure that you always convey your message. Good luck!


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