Social networks: 5 trends that will mark the year 2021

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Social networks: 5 trends that will mark the year 2021

After a year marked by the explosion of social networks and their importance in customer relations, Hootsuite delivers its predictions on the trends that brands and nonprofits will need to pay attention to in the coming months.

The results of this study reveal the key elements to integrate into a social media strategy in an increasingly digital world.

2020 has overturned the codes …
2020 has reshaped social media, with 4.1 billion people using social media globally.

Although we would all like to forget this year, 2020, crossed by a global health crisis, social unrest and widespread mistrust, has profoundly transformed the world of social media and business.

Every second, 14 people create a new social media account and, in the context of current physical distancing, the need for brands to pivot, adapt and reorganize to keep up with changing lifestyles and expectations. of consumers is only growing.

Even if we cannot predict the future, the analysis shows that:

Acquiring new customers is the main goal of marketing
73% of respondents ranked “ increased acquisition of new customers ” as their main measure of success for social media in 2021, down from just 46% last year, which represents an increase of 58%.

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Instagram dominates
More than half of businesses (60%) plan to increase their Instagram budget.

Although the platform struggles to attract marketing spend, nearly half of respondents plan to do the same on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Social media data builds trust
85% of organizations that integrate social media data with other internal systems are convinced of their organization’s ability to accurately quantify social media ROI.

5 tips for adapting in 2021

Here are the five key trends that emerge from this study, with insights into the most effective ways to gain new customers:

1 – The race for return on investment

Social networks allow a new customer experience.

Offer a short-term return on investment with targeted marketing performance strategies while building innovative digital experiences that build long-term loyalty by giving the customer experience back fun, connection and discovery.

2 – Silence is golden

Brands find their place in the conversation.

Smart brands wait and listen , then stand out in creative and original ways to fit into the conversation and break the wall of indifference.

3 – A generation overlooked by marketers

By using smart segmentation and representation, marketers who include baby boomers in their digital strategies can evolve those still stuck in stereotypes.

4 – Do we know each other?

Linking engagement data to identity gives brands a new boost.

With new momentum and a renewed focus from leaders on social media and their ability to maintain a connection with customers, it’s time to take action, big or small, to close the gap between engagement and identity. client.

5 – The perils (and the promise) of the mission

Bold brands start in the boardroom, not on social media.

Social media shouldn’t be a mouthpiece for empty promises …

The most effective marketing managers will use the information gathered by Social Media teams to help the organization adapt to new buyer habits to find a new path to growth.

The “Social Trends 2021” report combines the results with good practices and numerous examples. Based on a survey of 11,189 marketers in the third quarter of 2020, the report features lessons learned from preliminary interviews with dozens of marketers, as well as reports and data published by Deloitte, Edelman, eMarketer, Forrester , GlobalWebIndex, The CMO Survey and others.

To read the full report, with examples of brands and strategies for 2021:

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