Top mobile marketing strategies that are ideal for your nonprofit

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Top mobile marketing strategies that are ideal for your nonprofit

Marketing strategies and tactics constantly evolve and change with time. A lot of businesses have opted for modern techniques to increase their presence and productivity; being mobile isn’t just about having a website, it entirely encompasses reaching out and engaging your donors using new, innovative ways. Especially for nonprofits, mobile fundraising is on the rise; a recent study shows that the share of donors giving by mobile devices have gone up by 80% since 2013. Below are a few mobile marketing strategies through which your nonprofit can align every engagement with technology and mobile devices.

Mobile Web

Allowing users to find information or complete a task in the quickest and easiest possible manner should be your main focus while creating a mobile website. The website that you develop should enable users to find you easily; make sure that your website text is readable across different mobile devices. Making your website mobile responsive can help you in pushing its ranking higher in google searches.

Mobile Giving

There are so many ways of mobile giving, one of them being the concept of text-to-give. Majority of people text every day on their smartphones, so it is a common activity in today’s world. Texting tools enable donors to make a donation or pledge from their mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. Nonprofit fundraising platforms such as GiveCentral provide the donors with tools that give them the ability to manage their donations.

Online donations

Create a donation page and make it mobile-responsive. Your supporters are most likely to look at your page on their mobile devices, so make sure that your page looks good and functions well on these devices. It is advisable to direct donors to your pages via text messages, emails, and social media posts. A recent study in 2018 shows that half of nonprofit website traffic came from mobile and tablet users.

Mobile apps

Reach your donors with apps; the smoother the app experience, the more satisfied your users will be.Instead of using the internet browser on their mobile phones, some donors prefer to use apps in order to donate. When using these apps, there is no need to type in URLs which in turn saves time. Giving apps contribute to nonprofit fundraising by providing your regular donors with a convenient way to make donations, and they also give organizations the ability to send notifications to supporters.

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