How nonprofits should use the World Environment Day for its fundraising efforts

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How nonprofits should use the World Environment Day for its fundraising efforts

Few nonprofit causes could make a bigger impact than those which are engaged in protecting and sustaining the planet we call home. We could see quite evidently how climate change is impacting our lives on a day to day basis. Causes related to hurricanes, floods and wildfires have got quite common, when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. The United Nations has designated June 5 as the World Environment Day to create awareness among people and inspire responsible conduct by individuals and communities.

Your nonprofit should use this day to create awareness among its supporters and motivate them to preserve and enhance the environment. More importantly, it should also use the day to further its fundraising efforts. It is easier to rally people around such important events. People would be more likely to donate to an environmental cause on this day. Your nonprofit should capitalize on it and promote its cause to raise some much needed funds.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind to make the most out of all the opportunities at hand, this World Environment Day.

Raising Awareness

You need to raise awareness about your cause well in advance. There would be a lot of debates and material out there, just before the world environment day to build public opinion on issues related to the environment. You should take advantage of this trend and use your supporters to create awareness around your cause. How is your cause going to create a positive difference? Why is it extremely important to support your cause? How do you raise awareness for your cause? These are some questions that you should seek to answer.

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Use Hashtags

If your cause happens to be on the lines of some national awareness campaign, just hop the bandwagon and use the hashtags associated with that campaign in all your posts. Using tags efficiently would help people who are passionate about similar issues to locate you and associate with you.

Social Media Marketing

It can’t be emphasized enough how much social media could help you to further your campaign. Make use of social media effectively to reach out to a large audience in a very low cost manner. Articulate your stories well, telling your supporters how they could help you create a difference through their donations.

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These are a few things that could help you give a boost to your fundraising efforts around the World Environment Day. Such events which bring people together for a cause could be used as leverage for a successful fundraising event.

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