Ways to Boost Donor Retention with Social Media

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Ways to Boost Donor Retention with Social Media

According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, donor retention rates float around 45% or less. That means for every 100 new donors, 55 never return to make a second gift! And this is when you are working around the clock to boost donor retention!

Donors are continuously bombarded with fundraising appeals and are now more selective about the cause they support. Moreover, they are now much better at tuning out messages that they don’t find interesting.

So where does this leave your nonprofit? And how can you use social media to keep more first-time donors?

Here are some donor retention strategies to engage new and repeat donors though social media:

Connect with new donors

Whenever new donors donate to your cause, immediately ask them to connect with you on your social media handles. Offer them links and follow up with them via emails. You can also thank your donors via social media, by sending thank you messages from your social media handles, on different platforms. 

Thought leadership activities

When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, donors are majorly influenced and engaged by the kind of content that you put out on your social media. Share links to blog articles, infographics and e-books that are in alignment with your organization’s mission.  Make your posts educative and lead the conversation. Your organization can also reach out to nonprofit leaders and create a roundup post around trending topics and talk about the same on social media. Encourage your followers and donors to participate by expressing their views in the comment section, be open to their perspective. 

Social media tools

The landscape of nonprofit work is constantly evolving. There are several social media engagement tools that you can use to stay connected with your audience. Tools such as Facebook and Instagram LIVE, story updates, Insta polls and quizzes are options that you can choose from. The key here is to never lose touch with your donors and to create a sense of belonging among your followers. 

Show your impact

All donors, new and old would always love to see the impact of their donation. Therefore, show the changes that you are making. This can be done via pictures and videos that tell your story and that of the cause that you are supporting. Show how many people are getting help and how lives are being transformed, share success stories of your fundraising campaigns and let your content speak gratitude. Even when you are asking for donations for your next campaign, you can use impact posts and merge those with your ask. 


As you create your strategy to retain your donors via social media, it is important to remember that a successful fundraising for nonprofits is all about making your donors want to donate to your organization over and over again. Make your donors know and feel that they are a part of something important and give your timely thank you(s).  Being regular with your posts and updates will take you a long way. It is ideal to have a schedule and follow the same, religiously!

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