Lower eGiving costs and increase parishioner engagement

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Lower eGiving costs and increase parishioner engagement

GiveCentral provides donor management software and services that will enhance your church’s giving experience leading to increased eGiving participation without paying high fixed monthly fees.

Our comprehensive suite of products helps you safely collect, compile and statically analyze all your donor data thus making your parish offertory collection process much simpler while the powerful communication tools helps you create and send customized emails and messages to better engage your parishioners leading to increased contributions.

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Proven eGiver Transition Process

We successfully transition hundreds of current eGivers each year from a variety of eGiving programs to GiveCentral. Here’s how:

  • A GiveCentral Transition Coach is assigned to each new parish    
  • We create new GiveCentral accounts for all current eGiver accounts that include:
  • Name, address, email etc.
  • Current giving selections
  • A repeating email notification campaign is an important part of the process
  • Copy for your Bulletin and Social Media will also alert, inform and invite

Contact us today to schedule a brief program overview in order to see an actual cost comparison for your parish and to learn more!  


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