10 easy fundraising ideas for the month of October

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10 easy fundraising ideas for the month of October

It is the onset of fall and the month of October. The vacation period is over; people are back in town and kids are back to school. For nonprofits, it is the time to gear up for nonprofit fundraising. The season is plenty of great fundraising opportunities.

Nonprofits, with some easy fundraising ideas, can effortlessly reap the advantages this season has to offer.

1. Pumpkin Carnival:- It’s fall and pumpkins are in full bloom. They span the season from the start of October to thanksgiving. Start fundraising by organizing various pumpkin contests such as pumpkin picking contest, carving and decorating and, pumpkin smash contest.

2. Oktoberfest:- Usually, nonprofits do not consider organizing an Oktoberfest due to budget constraints. Do not drop the idea of this 16-day festival from your fundraising list. Try partnering with local brewery, restaurants, and community. Tell them about your goals and appeal them to help organize Oktoberfest.  

3. Thanksgiving:- Thanksgiving is the perfect day to connect with your donors. Ask volunteers to write personalized “thank you” emails to express your gratitude. If budget allows, you may even think of organizing a thanksgiving dinner.

4. Bonfire night:- Organize a bonfire event. Funds can be raised by selling various food items. Get all your volunteers and supporters to work alongside to arrange stands for food and candy floss that you can sell. You may also sell light sticks and glow-in-dark jewelry. 

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5.Halloween night:- A festival where you can go all crazy and creative. For Halloween fundraising try some fun and easy fundraising ideas such as spooky party, horror movie night and costume competition. 

6. Football tournament:- We understand that conducting a major event such as a football tournament can require a lot of funding. Connect with local teams and tell them about your fundraising campaigns. Ask them to be participants. Raise funds by selling tickets, food, and merchandise. 

7. Pancake and pie baking contest:- A Baking contest is the sweetest way to raise funds for your organization. Ask local grocers and farmers to contribute and donate ingredients for the baking contest. Let the participants know about your campaigns and encourage them for giving.  

8. Outdoor movie:- Who would not love to watch a movie in an open grassy environment? All you need is a projector, white background, and a green, grassy area. Brief your audience about your cause before the start of the movie. Ask them to donate genuinely for the purpose.

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9. The pink campaign:- October is not just a month of holidays and festivals. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Set the theme color to pink and try some Pink October fundraising ideas such as Pink meal or treat, dress up in Pink, Pink walk or marathon. 

10. Autumn walk:-  How about getting dressed up in warm and exploring nature? Autumn is the best season to appreciate nature and raise funds for an environmental cause. You may organize a wine-yard tour or orchard walk. Try partnering with local farmers and request them to allow a tour of their farm. 

The above-mentioned are some of the best and easy fundraising ideas that can prove to be a sure shot success. For nonprofits who are unable to assemble resources on their own, can always ask for help from local communities.

Here is something to simplify your October fundraising efforts!

Traditional data maintain tools are poorly adapted to current nonprofit needs. To keep a track of the donor information, events, expenditure, and funds, nonprofits need a  donor management software. Especially during seasons such as fall, and as the year-end is approaching, you must definitely invest in such as software. It not only helps you track data but also help you fundraise with its text-to-donate and crowdfunding tools.

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