The role of board members in your nonprofit fundraising

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The role of board members in your nonprofit fundraising

Effective boards are important to your nonprofit and its functioning; nonprofit fundraising is one of the major responsibilities of your board members or directors. Other responsibilities include determining the strategic direction of the organization, approval of the said strategic plan, governance and policy making. The leaders of the organization are supposed to take care of all the finances and make sure that your nonprofit has enough funds to carry out all strategic plans.  However, not all nonprofits have members that are shakers and movers; this is exactly why the fundraising roles of board members has to be understood.

The Leaders

As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, board directors are visionaries who are meant to provide leadership for your fundraising program and strategy. The board should be analyzing how one strategy can impact the entire functioning of your nonprofit; this will directly impact your fundraising goals. Setting fundraising goals come with being a member of a nonprofit board and as visionaries, it is crucial to make sure that the organization has the right people, budget and other resources to meet its revenue goals.

The Donors

Your board members should believe in your cause. They may not be recurring donors but they can make one, personal and proud annual donation. Board giving is a must; 100% board giving will set a good example for the staff, donors and other volunteers. This builds more trust within the circle and brings about a more enthusiastic vibe, thus resulting in a more successful nonprofit fundraising. 

The Ambassadors

Your nonprofit requires fundraising ambassadors and board members fit the role just right, each one of them should be serving as one. It is funny how some of your board members will quickly agree to being called ambassadors as compared to being told that they should be raising funds.  The job here is to make new connections that can help your nonprofit raise more funds, create conversations and bring your cause to them. 

The Fundraising Support

Supporting roles are important in nonprofit fundraising too. Board members can contribute extensively by going for fundraising meetings or meeting the donors personally. This is a role that most board members enjoy, because it allows them to make impacts in subtle ways. It is also great when nonprofit board members participate in sending thank you messages to donors and supporters. 

In terms of roles and responsibilities, the staff and board members of your nonprofit need to be on the same page for your organization to perform well. Good understanding within the nonprofit will be reflected in the results that will follow.

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