Donations, Data and Digital Marketing: Top Fundraising Trends For 2022

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Donations, Data and Digital Marketing: Top Fundraising Trends For 2022

Fundraising trends change depending on the economic situation and 2022 will not be exempt from the rule. We do not know for sure yet, how long we will be faced with the Covid pandemic and the occasional quarantines. These blocks limit the options for collecting donations for many organizations. The annual events that so many endowments, foundations and other nonprofits depend on are no longer possible, and organizations have to think outside the box to find new ways to raise donations. In this article, let us look at some of those top fundraising trends for 2022 that are expected to change the way your donors will give.  


COVID-19 has shown us the dependence of some nonprofit organizations on face-to-face events. This risky approach has been replaced by a hybrid vision including an operational and technological mix of several types of donations. Meaning, the donation is now based on new technologies and marketing tools such as- text-to-give, livestreaming events, QR codes, crowdfunding and the like. Social media has given nonprofits the ability to reach larger audiences and connect with populations they might not otherwise have been able to reach. The addition of these tools has allowed nonprofits to forge new links with their donors, causing an unprecedented change in fundraising methods. 

Other benefits of hybrid virtual fundraising events include broader geographical reach, convenience of access, limiting costs on travel and other expenditure and providing a far-reaching platform to people that may feel more comfortable over screen. And for these key reasons, we think this fundraising trend is here to stay.


What is sought after, more than an important one-time donation, is an easy and recurring donation. A simplified practice that is no longer built around an event but a digital community of interest. Nonprofit organizations must therefore plan a digital event every month, an exchange that will invariably end with a call for donations carried by very simple tools such as donation by sms, the proposal of a pre-filled donation form or a subscription on a digital platform that will take care of an automated collection. In this context, having a robust database whose use does not come up against legal obstacles becomes strategic.

Unfortunately, data collection has often been outsourced by most organizations, as has their digital strategy. 67% of endowment fund foundations and associations are no longer fully owners of the data of their own donors. A situation that could endanger them in the current context. Investing in a donor management software is much recommended to cut down costs by owning valuable information on key donors. 


As we saw in 2020-21, donations from major patrons did not stop with the crisis. There have even been spectacular operations in medical research. However, here too, expectations have changed, especially in terms of reporting. It is thus more on audit and control that these patrons expect their beneficiaries to deliver. Digital prospecting does not touch them. On the other hand, having direct access to monitoring the use of their funds and their impacts is an important wish. Alongside this, there is also a strong expectation regarding the visibility of their action: digital is then seen as a leveraging tool in the service of this demand.

Be that as it may, it is clear that data and digital are tools that make it possible to maintain and solidify communities while awaiting a return to reality. They are leverage tools at the service of the causes, but which will not replace a return to close contact, when this is possible again. 

Do you agree with our analysis? What fundraising trends do you think will dominate the year 2022? Let us know by leaving us a comment below.

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