Examples Of Best Christmas Fundraising Campaigns

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Examples Of Best Christmas Fundraising Campaigns

A huge part of yearly donations come from holiday fundraising and nearly one-third (31%) of annual giving happens in December. The time between Christmas and New Year is when almost every donor is in a happy mood – a golden opportunity when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. Christmas is the perfect time to encourage others to think about the ones in need of help and support. For nonprofits, this is the window to strengthen your appeal and some organizations have been really good at their Christmas fundraising campaign!

Hybrid Campaign

Reverse Advent Calendar was a remarkable hybrid campaign by homeless charity, Simon on the Streets. Launched in 2020, this hybrid campaign allowed donations both online and offline for the convenience of their donors. The Calendar made an ask to donate a pound for each of the 24 days until the day of Christmas. The supporters could either request a physical coin box or make use of safe online giving by donating directly to the campaign. To add to this, supporters could also help by starting a fundraising page. 

Takeaway: The method of giving must not be limited to one. The multiple options given to donors in this campaign opened more channels for funds to flow in.

Simon on the Streets

Source: Simon on the Streets

Wish-granting appeal

Starlight’s Christmas fundraising campaign is all about improving resilience and spreading happiness among sick kids by helping them through donations. This is a wish granting appeal that helps people grant a starlight wish for ill kids. The landing page has a one time and monthly donation option. The donations result in gifting a new puppy with blankets and pup toys and other wishes that the children may have. Fundraising for nonprofits and causes is so much more than just funds, it’s joy shared and relationships built with innovative ideas.

Takeaway: Starlight understands how granting an ill child’s wish can contribute to the overall well being of the child. This same message has been well communicated in this campaign. Understanding the mission is as important as understanding your donors. 

Starlight’s Children Foundation

Source: Starlight’s Children Foundation

Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day is when many people wear their green and red knitwear, beautifully decorated with elements of Christmas. Organized by Save the Children around Christmas, the campaign helps children in need in the UK and all over the world. A date is set, and everyone puts on a Christmas jumper on the day while making a £2 donation. The amount is customizable. The donation is powered by a text-to-give software that leads donors to a donation page. 

Takeaway: By combining creativity with modern technology, fundraising campaigns can be made efficient and entertaining at the same time. 

Save the children

Source: Save the children

Reversible Christmas Poems

Refuge’s Christmas Appeal campaign in 2018 published a number of powerful poems that really spoke to its audience. The poems told stories of women and children who experienced domestic violence at Christmas. Different mediums of communication were used, ranging from print such as magazines and newspapers to radio and social media. The poems at a first read tell happy stories but when read in reverse, they were a portrayal of domestic violence. The poems had mobile responsive versions that made it easier for readers to read the poem in reverse by flipping their phones 180 degrees. The poems eventually become a terrifying thriller, a reminder that while others enjoy the bliss of Christmas, there are people living in fear and are in need of help. Refuge positions itself as a place of help and safety through excellent storytelling. 

Takeaway: This is an example of excellent storytelling. The poems eventually become a terrifying thriller, a reminder that while others enjoy the bliss of Christmas, there are people living in fear and are in need of help. Refuge positions itself as a place of help and safety, it gives its audience a reason to donate. 


Source: lbbonline

Emotional Touch

This example may not be around the spirit of Christmas but the idea can still be incorporated into your Christmas fundraising campaign. An email sent by the Human Society of Memphis and Shelby County showed and talked about an injured dog in a helpless state that encourages readers to sympathize and empathize with the dog. This is a communication that speaks to the hearts of the audience. Likewise, your Christmas fundraising email can use images to show the kind of work that your organization does, why and how.

Takeaway: This email communication shows how telling detailed stories can help in creating a more direct connection with your readers. Adding an emotional touch can work a long way. Try narrating your nonprofit’s story and how donations are going to benefit others and to what extent!

Human Society fundraising email

Human Society fundraising email

Display Of Progress

Similarly to the previous example, you can fuel your campaign results by showing progress on your landing page. Here’s an example from the recent #GivingTuesday campaign by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, powered by GiveCentral. The page showed the number of donors and organizations participating and the amount raised, every step of the way.

Takeaway: It is always ideal to include your audience and make them a part of your fundraising process.  


Source: GiveCentral 


Apart from the given examples, there are several other Christmas fundraising ideas that can help elevate fundraising for nonprofits. It is upto you to figure out what has worked for your organization and strategically improve the results of your campaign. Managing donor data while raising funds can be some work. This is where GiveCentral can help you sort your data and manage your fundraising process while you tend to the bigger things. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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