Double your donations with GiveCentral’s text-to-give.

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Double your donations with GiveCentral’s text-to-give.

We are excited to introduce our product, GiveCentral Text-to-Give and some exciting new enhancements to your event fundraising setup. With the increasing use of smart devices, mobile giving is a perfect way to fundraise.

#1 Text-to-give with SMS donation

Give your donors an easy to donate system. With GiveCentral text-to-give all they need to do is text a keyword to a number to donate. We all check our phones throughout the day, mobile giving is a great way to move your supporters into action on the spur of the moment.

If you do not have a unique texting number for your nonprofit fundraising, you can generate one in under a minute from your new text-to-give setup. Try it yourself! Log in to generate a unique texting number for your organization. 

Once you have your number, select an existing event or create a new one by filling out some details. You are now ready to share your event with your community and raise funds. 

2. Keyword based giving

For urgent appeals, seasonal themes or year end giving, we have reserved some branded keywords in the system that let you create campaigns in 5 seconds.

Use our reserved branded keywords like Christmas, Easter and more with your campaigns or create unlimited keywords for only 10$.

#3 Retain existing donors, engage new ones

Our text-to-give feature is an all-in-one tool. It lets you create highly personalized giving experience, gather more data, while you raise funds. 

When you want to raise funds and update donor information in the process, use our two new system keywords.

text to give quick and update feature
  • First time donors are prompted to sign up through a secure giving page where they can sign up before making a donation. They will receive a tailored message and a unique pre-filled link, making it very simple to make a contribution
  • Second time donors will be able to donate in less than 5 seconds
  • Pick the form your want to display with a campaign and customize the SMS message for each donor type

#4 Be where your donors are

The new feature makes it easier to reach donors on their smartphones and mobile devices. 85% of people that were interested in giving to certain causes have said that they’d be interested in donating money with their mobile device. 

#5 Fundraise for your events when donors are on the move

Your donors do not always carry a card or cash with them. But they do have their phone with them pretty much 24/7. 

Text-to-Give feature allows your donor to give to your nonprofit by sending a text message and following a few prompts, customized for them. It’s that simple!

#6 New Design 

Our new design is intuitive, delivering an experience that is simpler, more useful and also enjoyable for you and your teams while also embracing our vision of making fundraising effortlessly easy. 

Texting is shown to yield 8 times higher engagement rates than email and a 19% click-through rate, becomes even more powerful when combined with crowdfunding campaigns.  Don’t miss out on the new wave of donors. Give it a try.

We’re on a mission to get powerful fundraising tools into the hands of every nonprofit like you. Let us know what bothers you about your fundraising tools or what you would like to read about on our blog by leaving us a comment below.


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