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Giving Tuesday – Start Preparing Now

For your organization to participate in the Giving Tuesday event, a loyal and supportive community is necessary. To build one, it is important that you spread your word in the days leading to the giving day. You must make sure that the Giving Tuesday campaign is on the top of your supporter’s minds.

Your strategy leading to the giving day must be shaped around the financial and secondary goals of your organisation. Your promotions should help you achieve your set goals. 

Get creative with your communication efforts. Take advantage of trending topics, important dates and global events to  raise awareness and get more traffic to your website. Include relevant messages and call-to-actions. With emails, website promotion, engaging social media content and information about donation tools, you can spark interest in the community before the giving day officially starts. 

Usually, marketing efforts for Giving Tuesday start as early as November, however, we at GiveCentral believe that starting earlier could help you mobilize your donors. 

Here are a few steps that could lead to a successful campaign:

Connect with your audience

To include as many people as you can for your campaign on the biggest day of giving, you need to connect with them. Right now would be a great time to start this process. Engage with people on social media, collect their information through your website, and regularly mail them with activities pertaining to your organisation and how they can get involved. It is necessary to nurture your donors in the right direction so that they contribute fully to your cause.

You must understand that creating an active contact base takes a long time. Hence, the communication efforts must be started early. The best way to engage with them would be by creating social media campaigns that educate your followers about the different campaigns you have. Make it clear what actions they can take to contribute. Make it easy to give and share your campaigns.

Online giving is on the rise. Give your donors the option of making mobile and online donations otherwise you are missing out on a large number of potential donors. We at GiveCentral cater to the needs of nonprofit organisations by providing them with an online fundraising platform. Considering the reach of the internet and the new ways of giving, we provide organisations and individuals with the ability to create custom online fundraising pages, that can be used to conduct crowdfunding. 

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Giving increases when it is made easy. People today are looking for handy tools, which could simplify their work – even when it comes to fundraising. Tools like text-to-give, text-to-donate and text-to-connect, help your donors make a donation a click. To know more about GiveCentral, visit our website.

  • St John Berchmans, implemented GiveCentral to help process electronic payments and support fundraising initiatives. In the first year itself, they received gifts more consistently than before, with greater giving via online donations. Almost one-third of their revenue collection was through GiveCentral.
  • The Holy Family in Granite City, Illinois, experienced a 25 percent increase in online donations within the first year of integration. The parish has acquired 23 percent more online donors since switching to GiveCentral. Their total donations rose by 60% within a year.
  • St. Teresa of Avila needed a way to increase their collections. GiveCentral provided the parish with a user-friendly donor management software to grow the number of donors. In around four weeks, the parish gained more than 100 donors. They registered 30 new donors in just the first week, and total donors grew from 103 to 401 – a 208% increase.

Should you have any doubts regarding online giving or any of our products, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Capitalise on the opportunities

The upcoming months present a lot of opportunities where campaigns or events could be conducted in a way that prepares your community for Giving Tuesday. This will help you in connect with your community and in growing it as well.

We have identified some events that you could use for campaigns and what you could do to engage people.

  1. International Day of Peace – 21st September
    This year’s International Day of Peace is focuses on climate action for peace. Come up with creative ideas for your followers to share posts, photos or videos related to environmental issues, local community goals, and promote the idea of sustainable development.

    The UN peace campaign promotes the idea of contribution from all. You can ask your community to create awareness about the campaign. You can share posts with the #DayofPeace and invite your followers to share their ideas, thoughts and hopes about the campaign.

    Following the theme of the drive, you can ask your followers to join in for events like a plantation drive. Share pictures and videos on social media so that people notice your organization and engage with it.
  2. World Teachers Day – 5th October
    It would be great to run campaigns over social media. You could ask your community to share memories or the best things about their teacher or pay tribute to their teachers. With #WordTeachersDay, you could reach a bigger number of audience on social media platforms. Catholic churches could preach their ideas and thoughts with the hashtag. They could promote the importance of education and what steps are being taken by them to make education more accessible.
  3. World Internet Day – 29th October
    We believe this could be one of the most important days for your organization’s build up to the Giving Tuesday campaign. It is a great opportunity to engage with the tech-savvy millennials. Share the benefits of online giving, the ways they can give online, text-to-give/text-to-donate/text-to-connect. Tell the younger ones in your community about how they can contribute to your cause with the use of internet.
  4. Halloween – 31st October
    The festival would be a great time to invite your community member to an open house. Invite the new families to meetings or an open house to welcome them to your community.  You could ask a few of your experienced members or parishioners to host them, so that the new members make effective connections and receive useful advice and guidance. Do not forget to get their information such as email addresses or contact numbers. You may also print pamphlets that ask them to stay in touch, signing up for newsletters, online donations, following you on social media, etc. Or better, contact us at GiveCentral to know how we can help you enhance your visitor experience.

    You can create informative brochures for your guests to inform them of your Giving Tuesday campaign and how they can participate. Tell them about your campaign goals and the difference their contribution makes. 

The 7 day plan for Giving Tuesday.

If you are running multiple year-end  campaigns and are crunched for time, here is a great checklist for the last few days leading to your Giving Tuesday event. Let’s make this your biggest campaign of the year!

The 7 day plan for Giving Tuesday.

Such activities would set you up nicely for the Thanksgiving week, ultimately leading to December 3, i.e., Giving Tuesday.


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