How to improve recurring giving for your nonprofit

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How to improve recurring giving for your nonprofit

When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, gaining new donors is always a tough ask. An easier thing to do is to get regular support from the ones who have already associated themselves with your cause. They know your nonprofit well and the philosophy that it stands for. This is why it gets important to leverage this and make them long term members of your community. If their donations are automatically received each month, recurring giving is said to have been induced. This would ensure a regular flow of funds which would allow you to strategize your campaign with greater ease.

Here are a few ways which could help you to improve recurring giving for your nonprofit.

Educate your donors

It is important for you to educate your donors on recurring giving and let them know about how the process works. Make a compelling ask on your website or on your donation form. If your donors are not aware about it, there is no way that they can be a part of it.

Emphasize on it

Emphasize on the recurring gift option by placing it next to the one time donation option on your website, donations forms or mobile apps. Whatever might be the medium, make sure you place equal weightage on recurring giving and highlight the process.

Show the impact

Your donors would be more likely to choose the recurring giving option if you show them how it enables you to have a much bigger impact. Tell them that your nonprofit is better able to plan for its campaigns if it can predict the cash flow more accurately.

Suggest recurring gift levels

Having suggestions of recurring gift levels is more likely to induce larger gifts from your donors. Giving them targets yet remaining flexible about the budget constraints that your donors might have would give them a clear picture of how much they should contribute to make the most impact.

Make it easy to cancel or change a recurring donation

No donor would want to sign up for something where it might remain locked for months or years. Keep it easy to cancel or change a recurring donation and make sure to market it well while asking them to sign up. This would go on to boost your recurring giving uptake.

Donors are the key to a successful fundraising for nonprofits. Making them long term members of your community and inducing them to be a part of your recurring giving program would go a long way in making things easy for your nonprofit.

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