5 ways to make teen volunteers work for your nonprofit

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5 ways to make teen volunteers work for your nonprofit

There are a variety of ways and tactics that have improved fundraising for nonprofits today. The teens have developed a keen interest in learning new things, therefore they are the perfect people to help you in executing your fundraising ideas. From events to mobile giving to raising funds for nonprofits, you do need a little back up here and there; so here are a few ways to make teen volunteers work for your nonprofit fundraising.

  1. Strengthen your online presence

We all know the importance of a website, the sections and contents of your website are equally important. Inorder to reel in the youth population, make sure that your volunteer page is strong enough with the right words and images. Also, being active on social media like Instagram and Facebook will help you forge a better engagement.

  1. Show that you are open to new ideas

When dealing with teenagers, one must always remember that there can be a clash of ideas and opinions, because of the generation gap. However, be accepting of those new ideas, show that you appreciate the suggestion even when you know that it won’t be applicable.

  1. Provide them with the best example

The example we’re referring to here is a human leader. When you have teen volunteers working for you, make it enjoyable for them by teaming them up with adult leaders who will not only guide them through the project, but also bond with them over the project.

  1. Grant them independence

No matter how good or bad the results will show up to be, allow your teen volunteers to take responsibility for the work they will be doing. This can help you bring your easy fundraising ideas to live as it will bring about a sense of responsibility creating benefits for both you and the teens.

  1. Understanding them as students is ideal

You have hired teen volunteers, that means you hired school going students. The task is to set the work timings in such a way that it is realistic for students; adjust the timings so that your volunteers do not miss out on classes and always keep their safety in mind.

At the end of the day, never fail to show your appreciation!

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