12 Unique Church Fundraising Ideas for October

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12 Unique Church Fundraising Ideas for October

It can be quite challenging for any organization to come up with innovative fundraising ideas month after month, let alone a traditional organization like churches. This guide explores some unique church fundraising ideas for October and how your church can implement them.

1. Community Sporting Events –

Who doesn’t like  a day of outdoor activity when the weather allows it and it goes to help a cause. Host a community sports day with lots of exciting sports activities, like a friendly football game or badminton game, to raise money for churches. Since this type of sporting event brings communities together through friendly games, provide donation boxes for a church fundraiser. Also, you can request a small amount of money to participate in the event and provide prizes to encourage physical activities.

2. Movie Night at the Church –

A more casual way to fundraise for churches is to host a movie night outdoors or in another setting other than the church. Choose the movie you want to show, or you can also choose a historical documentary to show and educate the public about the religious importance of churches. Sell ​​movie night tickets and host refreshments to elevate the night. This type of church fundraiser can be great for young children who can learn a lot about church history.

3. Charity or Choir Concert –

Everyone enjoys a groove music session, especially when a group of people are dancing along to the lyrics. Church choirs or musical performances are always joyful and bring the audience closer to God. This is one of the best fundraising ideas for a church choir and one that makes for a great fundraiser. People like to listen as well as sing in choirs. You can also organize a musical evening for people and allow them to pay entrance to the event and donate for the development of the choir and the church if they wish.

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4. Church Fundraising Marathon –

Running marathons for church fundraising can be one of the most fundamental fundraising ideas for churches. Most of the time, marathons are held to support a cause. Plus, it’s okay to run for a good cause, which can ultimately benefit runners physically. Donors who want to improve their giving experience can also focus on some physical activity while doing a good job of giving. Organize a short distance marathon for all age groups and set up a donation box as an entry fee. People can donate as much as they want and in return they can participate in the marathon.

5. Peer Fundraising for the Church –

Peer fundraising is one of the best fundraising ideas for churches as it can help build a good network for churches. We will primarily focus on offline peer-to-peer fundraising. People are likely to support a fundraiser for a church if it is endorsed by someone they know personally. Ask your personal network, including friends, family and co-workers, to help churches raise funds. Also let your network know about fun events that can spark additional interest in church fundraisers.

6. Silent Auction –

After starting a fundraiser for the church, hold a small silent auction with old and attractive church items. Ask local organizations and residents for help if they want to donate for the auction. To improve your fundraising, plan an electronic auction so that a good number of people can participate in the experience. Organizing such occasions can serve as unique fundraising ideas and can also foster a sense of community in people and encourage them to participate in such fundraising ideas for the church more often. Which can improve donations for church building funds.

7. Sale of Books –

Almost everyone has books in their house. Sometimes there are even unused or already read books. You can ask congregations to donate a few books or magazines and hold a book sale for church fundraising. The books are for everyone and people of all ages will be interested in this fundraising idea. Churches can also incorporate book sales into other events, which can draw a lot of people’s attention to the book collection. This can encourage people to donate even more if they find the collection unique or exciting. Besides, you can also sell picture books and drawing paper to encourage people’s artistic talents.

8. Breakfast Fundraiser –

Having a good , healthy breakfast meal with like-minded people can be a great start to the day. This is a great fundraising idea for churches because the main thing is to enjoy the moment at a gathering. This type of church fundraising ideas are easy to organize because people like to hang out with other people while enjoying a good meal.

Sipping on a hot cup of coffee or enjoying sweets can be a great opportunity to raise funds for the church. It can also be a potluck where everyone will come to support a cause and donate part of the money collected for the improvement of the church.

9. Church Classes –

Whether religious or not, everyone should be educated about the culture to which they belong. Organize classes at the church for all age groups where students can pay; which can help in the development of fundraising for the church. In addition, this type of class brings a sense of discipline and responsibility to young minds. Students can have more knowledge about faith and hope.

10. Sale of Gardens –

If you have space for a garden in the church, that’s the icing on the cake when it comes to raising funds for the church. Take the time to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers in the garden. Attend a local flea market or hold a sale in the church to sell all the produce grown by the church. You can also grow seasonal fruits, prepare fruit salads and sell them at a reasonable price. Making flower bouquets can also be one of the most appealing fundraising ideas for churches.

11. Pie sampling –

Apple and pumpkin pies are quintessential fall treats that can be incorporated into a variety of fundraising events. But why not make pie the center of the occasion?

Pie-based events can take multiple forms, depending on how involved you want local businesses or community members to be. For example, a bakeoff could incorporate submissions from local supporters who take pride in their finest pie recipes. These pies can then be raffled off or entered into a contest, with attendees purchasing and voting on their favorite slices.

Another option? Pies from local vendors, such as favorite bakeries or restaurants. If possible, convince these local purveyors to donate pies for the sake of a good cause. Many will be happy to if they receive enough recognition on social media. As with bake-offs, attendees can pay a pie sampling fee or compete to earn entire pies to enjoy with loved ones. Either way, this event is bound to drum up enthusiasm.

For a digital alternative, simply sell pies online and dedicate a portion of the proceeds to an important cause. This option can be surprisingly lucrative if you play your cards right. Depending on who provides the pies, you could distribute a coupon code to be entered at checkout. Begin to market the pie sale well in advance, but amp up email outreach a few weeks before Thanksgiving — when pie lovers will be thinking about their upcoming feast and looking for any excuse to avoid baking.

12. Crowdfunding –

Among all the options, crowdfunding is one of the easy online fundraising ideas for churches. Churches can fundraise for any reason online by starting a fundraising campaign and get unlimited donations from anywhere in the world. Just make a good voice broadcast and present good visuals on the need and voila! With GiveCentral, we can help you do great fundraising for churches through crowdfunding. GiveCentral is always ready to help any cause and deliver the results within the given time. Our team can fully understand your story and effectively help you raise funds for churches when they need it. Contact us for more information.


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