10 Unique Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas for a Productive 2023

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10 Unique Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas for a Productive 2023

Let’s start by quickly going back to the basics. What is the true meaning of nonprofit fundraising? Well in the most simple terms, nonprofit fundraising is an ongoing process or activity that includes the solicitation of donations. It also implies charitable giving – collecting and receiving voluntary funds that will help your nonprofit organization achieve its mission and meet its goals. Fundraising also helps in donor and sponsor recognition, building your donor database and improving donor relations. The process of fundraising for nonprofits starts with determining your goals and figuring out the amount of funds you need to achieve those goals. As a nonprofit organization looking for growth, you must have already started planning your fundraising for the year. Here are some unique nonprofit fundraising ideas that you can add to your list.

Reverse Raffle 

Everyone knows what a raffle is. But have you thought about a reverse raffle? Suppose you are holding an event, any kind of event – silent auction or a charity dinner, you sell raffle tickets in the event. When it is time for the results, the last name to be drawn becomes the winner. This is the reverse of a traditional raffle in which each number drawn is declared the winner. Keep a prize that has a good leverage in order to sell more tickets. 

Community Grants

Presently, community grants for nonprofits can be found through Foundation Center and Grants.gov, among others. When we say a grant, it means a gift or a contribution that the government or other organizations have given to a nonprofit for specific purposes. The types of grants available range from program development grants, capital support, etc. All you need to do is a little bit of digging. 

Live Fundraiser

The power of social media today is undeniable. You can achieve an improved charitable giving by going live while hosting a fundraiser and providing a donate button or link for easy transaction. Facebook is a great example for a platform that makes this kind of activity really easy by offering tools and options. Moreover, the platform takes zero percent of the transaction. 

Gift for Good

Gift for Good is a donation given in place of gifts. This can even be a monthly activity where you can do a birthday or wedding or anniversary “gifts for good”. Your supporters can ask their friends and loved ones to send donations to your organization instead of gifts to them.


This is the perfect educational fundraiser where you can combine reading for kids and their parents. Read-a-thon is great for school fundraising, you will also be helping children realize their love books in the process. Have the kids obtain pledges based on the number of pages they can read in a week or a month. After having completed the time, they can donate the amount they’ve received through pledges. 

Odd Challenge

Just like the ice bucket challenge, your nonprofit organization can come up with a challenge that is odd yet fun. The challenge is usually done when a certain dollar is raised. You can start this within the nonprofit and pass it on. 

Workplace Giving

Find organizations to partner with. Pick a month in your calendar where you encourage the staff of those organizations to give a section of their paycheck to the fund that supports your mission. This would require really good communication with your partner organizations – not just at the time of donations but even before and after the donations. 

Skills Workshop

You will have people from your donor database who are interested in learning a particular skill or two. Analyze those and come up with a workshop that offers to teach skills such as playing a musical instrument, pottery, painting, cooking, etc. Find people who can teach those skills for a few days, skilled individuals interested to help your nonprofit for free or for a small amount. You can have a nominal charge for registration that will go to your nonprofit’s funds. In this way, you can combine fun and charitable giving. 

Food Fundraiser

Everybody loves food. If your fundraiser includes great food, then you are very much likely to have an awesome turn up. Your organization can approach restaurants that are interested in supporting your cause. Organize an event with stalls from a few of these restaurants with a deal that a specific percent of their earnings will go to your nonprofit. Plan the event well and spread the word. 

Charity Auction

This is one timeless fundraising idea that we cannot get over. More so because charity auctions deliver the time and space to interact with donors and supporters who believe in your mission just as much as you do. By having an in-depth knowledge of the preferences of your donors, you can procure relevant auction items for your donors. 


As you raise funds for your nonprofits, do not forget the importance of digital and “smart”. Make sure that all transactions go smoothly. You can also consider adopting GiveCentral’s smart tools to actually transform your giving and engagement. Remember that true charitable giving includes relationship building as well, all the very best!


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