4 steps to making engaging nonprofit videos on a budget

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4 steps to making engaging nonprofit videos on a budget

We all know by now, that videos are the future of marketing. Cisco figures bear witness to this: in 2020, video content alone would represent 84% of global Internet traffic. However, designing a differentiating and engaging nonprofit video is not easy, and several steps are necessary to benefit from it, especially if your a nonprofit with limited funds.

Let’s get right into the heart of the matter.

1 video = 1 idea

This is certainly THE most decisive rule in the success of your audiovisual content: a good corporate video must communicate on a single message. Not two, not three, no matter how tempting … Just one!

Why? Because by addressing several themes within the same video, you risk losing the attention of your target audience, with information that is too complex or diffuse.

Conversely , by approaching only one theme defined per video , you are sure to provide a clear and intelligible response that will meet a specific objective, without getting tangled up in your brushes. This will increase your chances of creating a corporate film/ organization story that gets seen and commands attention.

Moral of the story: if you have 20 messages to convey, it is better to break them down into 20 separate videos.

Prefer the short format

8 seconds. This is the average length of human attention time, according to a Microsoft study . Fun fact : For comparison, a goldfish’s attention span is… 9 seconds! 😅

A trend today widely cultivated by Internet users. In the age of short, crisp micro-content, viewers want fast, efficient videos .

And the numbers clearly point in this direction:

Still, according to Microsoft, a 30-second video is seen to the end on average by 85% of the audience
A video of fewer than 2 minutes, meanwhile, is seen on average by 70% of the audience.
In order for your message to resonate with your target audience, it is therefore essential to deliver a concise, precise message and – in this regard – to adopt a video strategy based on short films. That’s why many experts agree that the ideal average video length is 90 seconds, according to a study by Breadnbeyond .

Integrate subtitles

Did you know? 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, according to Digiday.

Whether your goal is to create a viral video or just to deliver impactful content to your collaborators, it is in your best interest to insert text or captions that transcribe what is displayed on the screen.

You can also add transition screens, with the questions of your interview for example: they punctuate the video and allow you to follow the course of the video.

Your social impact will only be maximized!

Edit your videos post-production

Video editing includes:

The calibration (correction of the light and color)
The mixing audio ( sound design, adding music or a voice-over …)
The integration of textual content (texts, subtitles, captions) and visuals (logos, images, GIFs, etc.)
The integration of visual effects (FX simulation, 2D / 3D animations … or quite simply transitions between the different shots)
So many touch-ups that will keep your spectators going.

Allocate a budget to this crucial step if you do not have the in-house resources to edit videos- they really make or break the viewing experience and give that professional touch to your videos. If hiring a professional is out of the budget, equip yourself with a simple video editing tool.

This is also the time to add call-to-action to your video – like a link to your donation page or social media channels.

You now have all the tools to create your high-impact corporate video .

Communicate, inform, promote in an original and effective way, but don’t forget to stay authentic.

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