Creative and easy fundraising ideas for a great summer campaign

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Creative and easy fundraising ideas for a great summer campaign

Summer is the time when schools are generally closed and everyone is looking for something fun to do. When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, summer could be a great time to tap on some much needed funds. With some creativity, you could make the summer activities an opportunity to give back.

Here, we have compiled some easy fundraising ideas for you to learn from and get the most out of all the opportunities from your summer campaigns..

Eating Contest

Get creative with the choice of food items and have a fun eating contest. The person who ends up eating the most is given an award. Charge a fee from all the contestants and ask them to create personal fundraising pages supporting your cause.

Summer Field

Organise a field day event for children and get them involved in this. Ask their parents to donate for your cause. Different games like sack race, lemon-spoon race, etc could be held. Hold a few events for the adults too. Make it fun with a different set of activities.

Host a Wine Tasting

Have a wine tasting party at some outdoor venue. You can ask people to contribute and some shops to donate wine bottles for your event. Make sure that all the contestants are above the age of 21. This way people could have a fun evening with some wine while donating for a charity at the same time.

Car Wash

When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, car wash is a popular summer idea. Advertise your event beforehand to let people know when you are hosting it. Request people for donations and offer different levels of service.

Scavenger Hunt

Summer is the time for adventure and what could be more fun than a scavenger hunt. This could take some planning but with the right amount of hard work you could make it a memorable experience for all. Ask the people who register to sign up in teams of two and keep an entry fee to raise some funds. Moreover, educate them on your cause and ask them to make some donation towards it.

These are a few summer fundraising ideas for you to learn from and try something of your own. Fundraising for nonprofits is hugely dependent on creative ideas to keep the funds coming. Trying something fun this season would not only go on to make it memorable for your audience but would also ensure that people keep coming to your events in future.

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