Make Pink October a fundraising triumph

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Make Pink October a fundraising triumph

Pink October started in 1997 as a month-long campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer. It is also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) in America. It is internationally observed during the month of October every year, the month for cancer charities to come together and increase awareness and raise funds for the cause.

A charity organization that supports breast cancer awareness will know that the fundraising ideas have to be worked long before October arrives. And organizations who are just new to raising money for the cause will need to learn the maneuvering for a successful fundraiser for Pink October.

Here are some ideas for fundraisers that can help you raise money for Pink October:-

  1. Becoming part of pink

To become part of the pink trend you need to theme your campaign to the color. It can be as easy as putting up merchandise in the color pink and even using the color in your promotional campaign. Sell consumer products in pink to raise money and remind them to be vigilant about cancer.

  1. Put up the pink ribbon

It very easy to attract attention with the pink ribbon, the internationally recognized symbol for breast awareness. Tie up with local business owners and insert the ribbon into everyday life. For example, you can paint the pink ribbon on parking spots so that people remember to donate while getting to know about your efforts.

  1. Pink Food treat

Food color is easy to lay your hands on. Arrange a picnic or eat out for your community members and encourage the volunteers to use the color pink in their foods. The visitors will buy the food with pink in it which will serve as a visual reminder of where their money is going into and to support what cause and this will encourage them to put in as much support as they can.

  1. Pink Raffle

Ask big companies to donate items to your cause for the game in exchange for marketing. Arrange the event in the theme of pink and let the items be in pink carry bags. Anyone can take part in the raffle by paying a small amount.

  1. Wear pink

Thousands of people will wear the color on 20th Friday, October 2017 in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness. Join in the cause by asking your employees to wear pink casuals to work. Coming out to support the movement will help your organization gain the respect of the local community.

There are even more ideas for a fundraiser. Whatever you do if you do it in pink you will bring awareness to breast cancer. It is necessary to raise vital funds that will go in researching, studying and preventing breast cancer. Pink October is not only a great way to raise awareness for a cause but also a great opportunity to bring people together in support of a cause. It is also a great opportunity for a non-profit to meet its goals of the year.

Here are a few breast cancer survivor owned nonprofits that serve as an example for us all.


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