5 Virtual Thanksgiving Event Ideas To Bring Home Festivity

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5 Virtual Thanksgiving Event Ideas To Bring Home Festivity

Thanksgiving is coming on the 25th of November this year. Another occasion to spend good time with your friends, family and community; be thankful about the good things in life and look forward to better times. However, it hasn’t been quite the same since 2020 and individuals, nonprofits and churches are finding ways to bring the same thanksgiving energy through online events and fellowships. In an attempt to stay safe and care for each other, it’s a good idea to delve into technology and add some creativity to make virtual events more fun and engaging. Since gratitude and generosity are the very true essence of thanksgiving, fundraising for nonprofits or charities holds quite the significance. It is indeed a time to be thankful for what has been given and give back to the ones in need. As a nonprofit, this article talks about the few ways in which this Thanksgiving can be your most purposeful one!

Online Service For Churches

Thanksgiving and churches go hand in hand. The church plays an important role in bringing the congregation together. There is a collection of offerings that is usually done before, during or after the service. Now that online services are an option, there is also the availability of live streaming platforms for churches. GiveCentral LIVE, for example, enables you to live stream your masses and offers the possibility of donations and interactions. Holding online services is a thoughtful way to keep in touch with your church community, particularly on special occasions. 

Cook A Common Dish, Virtually!

A lot of times, “food” is what comes to mind when it’s Thanksgiving. Here’s a fun activity around food that you can try with your friends, family or community. Collectively decide on a dish and a recipe – this could be turkey or even a pie. You can then prepare the dish and dine over a virtual gathering; cooking together and eating together, virtually. At the end of the day, connecting with friends and family should not take a back seat. 

Online Gift Card Auction

Talk about fundraising for nonprofits during Thanksgiving and auctioning of gift cards is a great idea that can be executed online. You can simply ask local businesses to tie up with your nonprofit and donate gift cards of any amount – cards from hotels, automotive, gift shops and so on can be considered. You can also ask around among your staff or board members if they have an unused gift card and request them to donate the same. 

  • Collect these cards and auction them online. Talk about Thanksgiving in your communication.
  • In case of a partnership with local businesses, make sure that you talk about the businesses you’re collaborating with. Also, request them to talk about your organization and of course, the online action. 
  • Give updates about your fundraiser results through different communication materials or platforms.

Stream Party

How do you keep the spirit of togetherness alive through digital means? Well, think about the movie of game nights that you don’t necessarily have to cancel. You can stream a movie or a match for entertainment purposes. There may be movies or TV series that you binge watch with your close ones on Thanksgiving, you can stream that online for everyone to watch, from the comfort of their homes. Social media platforms such as Facebook allow a watch party that can be used for such nights. Go ahead and stream simultaneously for all to watch and enjoy!

Online Contest

This can be applied to churches and nonprofit alike. Hold online competitions that are fun and are applicable to all age groups. While you quote a prize amount, you can always request an entry charge for the contest that would benefit your church or nonprofit. Here are some ideas. 

  • Dance contest – Encourage your supporters to send in clips of them dancing to one common song and you be the judge!
  • Singing/ Arts & crafts / Photography contests are also engaging activities. These are also easy to execute as images and clips can be submitted online. 
  • Costume contest – Create a theme and ask your participants to dress up as per the theme and send in their pictures!


Be it a fun time with your friends and family, a church gathering or fundraising for nonprofits, there is so much that can be done on a beautiful holiday like Thanksgiving. All you need to do is get your people ready and willing to get on this ride with you. It is always better together!

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