The Importance Of Tracking Outcomes At Your Nonprofit

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The Importance Of Tracking Outcomes At Your Nonprofit

A gap can be good in some situations, but it is not the best idea when it comes to tracking outcomes of your nonprofit’s activities. Considering your results is an essential part of the subsequent planning process. In a world where signing up with a nonprofit fundraising software has become a norm, it is necessary to remember the importance of going the extra mile – building engagement in addition to raising funds. While making strategic nonprofit decisions may involve setting SMART goals and choosing the right KPIs, this article is more about why you must adopt these processes. Read on to learn about the benefits of tracking your results consistently. 

Happier Donors

You get to learn more about your donors when you track results in various forms, including feedback and suggestions. 

  • Donors are at the core of your fundraising campaigns. Getting to know your donors closely, including their likes and dislikes, will help you build lasting relationships with happy donors. 
  • Your donors are happier when you listen to what they have to say. You can then apply your learning in your next campaign. 

Measure Progress

One of the most important goals of tracking outcomes from a business perspective is measuring progress. You can always look back and tell how far you’ve come. You also quickly check if you have achieved the goals you’ve set for your organization for that particular campaign or activity. 

Roadblocks & Adjustments

Facing hurdles and difficulties in any organization’s functioning, activity, and management is standard. The quicker you identify a solution to problems, the better off you become. 

  • As you continue to monitor your results, you might learn that you cannot achieve your desired goal. This can be termed as the detection of roadblocks.
  • The sooner you detect a roadblock, the sooner you can navigate through with an adjustment or solution. 

Elimination Of Assumptions

You cannot allow your nonprofit organization to function based on assumptions. Tracking outcomes is about qualitative and quantitative learnings far from mere beliefs. When you apply these learnings to your following projects, you eliminate any guesswork that might harm your organization in the future.


Many nonprofits use nonprofit fundraising software that helps them take care of their fundraising campaigns and projects, but not many of these softwares deliver real-time results. GiveCentral’s SmartReports provide the best solution to your reporting needs, in addition to the campaign and data support the platform offers. Keeping a neat track of your outcomes will make your life a lot easier and help your organization grow in multiple ways. 

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