5 Great features of GiveCentral’s donation tracking software

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5 Great features of GiveCentral’s donation tracking software

Nonprofits have a lot of things to manage. The campaign strategy, building donor relationships, pitching for donations, keeping a track on funds, marketing, forming effective strategies, keeping the donors updated on the progress, etc. Add to it all the increasing competition that the nonprofit space has been witnessing in recent time. There are a lot of organizations vying for the limited funds and attention. In this backdrop, it gets essential to be at your effective best to do all justice to your organization’s potential. Adopting a Donation Tracking Software is one of the ways by which you could give a boost to your nonprofit’s performance. And when it comes to a Donation Tracking Software, GiveCentral leads the pack with its amazing features.

Let’s have a look at 5 Great features of GiveCentral’s Donation Tracking Software that could change the game for your nonprofit.

Accounting and Preparation of Various Reports

It takes care of a lot of time consuming activities like accounting and preparing various reports. The Reconciliation Reports could help you integrating into the accounting system with a lot of ease. Even when it comes to preparing reports for your board meetings or presentations, GiveCentral’s software kind of makes it all a no brainer.

Data Analytics

It collects all the donor data and compiles it into an easy to access donor database. With its various tables and graphs, it breaks down the data for you to analyze and study the donor preferences. With the help of this data analytics feature, you could make your nonprofit marketing more pointed and target your donors better. Divide them into different segments and make appropriate strategies for each group to get the most out of them.

Tracking of Funds

The Donation Tracking Software could help your nonprofit to keep a tab on all the funds with ease. This feature allows you to keep a track on your progress in real time. It allows you to keep your donors updated without much effort. This not only gives you a fair idea on how much more effort needs to be put in but also keeps your donors in the loop. This would only go on to reinforce their trust in your nonprofit.

Mobile Giving

With its mobile giving feature, it allows your donors to give on the go. As and when they would want to. This ease of giving would translate into much higher donations and a greater donor retention rate.

Data Security

The data security feature takes care of all your data. It makes sure that it is safe and secure. It stores all this data in the cloud. Any number of backups could be created and it is easily accessible from anywhere.

All these features of the donation tracking software ensure that you are left with a lot of time to focus on your donors. Building donor relationships has to be one of the most important aspects of your fundraising activity. Spending this additional time to make your campaign donor centric would result in rich dividends for your nonprofit. Moreover, the ease of access that the software brings for your donors makes sure that you have a lot of long term supporters.


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