So you want to fundraise. Why choose GiveCentral over Paypal?

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So you want to fundraise. Why choose GiveCentral over Paypal?

If you’re thinking about delving into the world of online fundraising, you may very well be overwhelmed with choices. There’s a lot out there, and it’s not immediately clear what the benefits (and drawbacks) are for every different online fundraising tool.

PayPal is obviously a huge name, and you’ve probably seen their logo everywhere. But it’s not always the right choices for nonprofits that are looking for effortless, customizable fundraising. We may be biased, but we’ve spent the past 7 years working with nonprofits and are really proud of what we’ve created. And so we think you should go with GiveCentral instead—the online fundraising tool created with nonprofits in mind. Here’s why.

Increased customization, minimal branding

Your plans and projects all look like you, so why shouldn’t your fundraising have a personal touch, too? With a GiveCentral fundraising page, your brand and look are front and center. Unlike PayPal, we work behind the scenes and don’t put our logo on everything—this means that your donors see your photos, your buttons, your website. When a donor clicks your donation link, it’s clear to them that they’re still on your website, unlike with PayPal, where no matter where you click, you always seem to end up…on PayPal.

In addition, with GiveCentral, your donors’ bank statements reflect the name of the organization to which they’ve donated. With PayPal, though, bank statements just say “PayPal.” GiveCentral makes it far easier for donors to remember their charity contributions when tax time tolls around.

An array of options

Your donors are accustomed to a buffet of options when it comes to shopping online, staying in touch with friends, and even ordering takeout, so it’s smart to offer them multiple options for fundraising, too. We’ve made it a point to offer a lot of ways to give via GiveCentral: you can collect money via text, pledging, crowdfunding, selling event tickets…if you can dream it, we can help you achieve it!

Personalized (and personable!) support

If you’re not a computer whiz, there’s almost nothing more frustrating than trying to set up a customized donation page on your own with zero support. We know you have a busy schedule with no time for crashes, glitches, and other tech issues, which is why we pride ourselves on offering much more nonprofit-focused training, onboarding, and general support than PayPal does. We’ll help you set up your fundraising site, we’ll provide you with personalized attention and materials, we’ll chat with you about best practices, and we’re always around for customer support.

Easier for donors

When your donors use GiveCentral, they can choose where their money goes by earmarking it. Say they want to give $20 to your New Roof fund and another $20 to Missions—consider it done. Plus, when you pull your financial reports, you’ll see exactly how your fundraising breaks down.

PayPal only allows donors to set up monthly recurring payments—but sometimes you want a little more flexibility than that. Along with one-time and monthly donations, we offer options for payments to occur weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually, so that your donors can give what they want, when they want.

Visit us to find out more!

Ultimately, GiveCentral gives you more options and lets your mission and your brand shine! Visit our website to find out more about how GiveCentral can help your nonprofit succeed!

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