GiveCentral’s 20 for 20 Campaign with Best Online Fundraising Tools

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GiveCentral’s 20 for 20 Campaign with Best Online Fundraising Tools

In order to help nonprofits and churches increase engagement and giving in the fourth quarter, GiveCentral has come up with a 20 for 20 Campaign. Beginning Q4, the campaign will help improve engagement and giving by 20% in 20 weeks. GiveCentral’s team will be assisting nonprofit organizations with fundraising efforts. This will be done by evaluating and analyzing areas where goals can be improved. GiveCentral offers the best online fundraising tools for the best results. 

Why is it beneficial for organizations?

GiveCentral’s 20 for 20 campaign will benefit organizations looking to raise more funds this year by capitalizing on giving strategies around calendar events, holidays, and social media holidays in Q4. Once an organization signs up for the 20 for 20 campaign, the team of experts from GiveCentral will help plan for each fundraising day using GiveCentral’s AI-powered GC SmartTools that will showcase results in giving. The process will involve removing donor friction and allowing your organization to increase engagement. 

What are GiveCentral Smart tools?

These are the best in class tools to give thanks and increase engagement, all powered by artificial intelligence. There are different smart tools under GC Smart. From Smart QR and SmartLinks to Smart Report and Smart Support, GiveCentral has you all covered. Click here to read in detail about all the smart tools available for churches and nonprofit organizations. Smart online fundraising tools are aimed at more than just raising funds, it is all about keeping loyal donors for a lifetime. 

More about 20 for 20 campaign

Each organization will participate in the following:

• A one-on-one meeting before the campaign begins.

• One meeting during the campaign to check in and assess progress.

• Meeting after the campaign to analyze.

• Learn how to use GC SmartTools to elevate your organization!

• Be a participant in GC’s Giving Tuesday campaign, where you will have a platform setup and leaderboard along with marketing materials, a toolkit, and a timeline for planning.

• Webinars where you can attend to gather information on:

• Removing Donor Friction

• Increasing Offertory

• Gearing Up for Giving Tuesday

• Giving Tuesday and Beyond

• Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

• Best Practices for Email Marketing

• Capital Campaign Challenges

• Mobile Donor Engagement

• Advent and Christmas Giving

• How to Get Your Donors Attention in 15 Seconds or Less

• Tips and Tricks for Inviting and Welcoming Guests

• Special Events

• Year-End Giving

Click here to read more about GiveCentral’s 20 for 20 Campaign.

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