How to Strengthen Online Giving for Lent

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How to Strengthen Online Giving for Lent

Lent as we know is a time for prayer, reflection and renewal. It is also a wonderful time to connect and reconnect with others in our parishes. Consequently, it is a very busy time in parish life with added liturgies and events that pull the staff in multiple directions. We want to offer our help to make it a little easier this Lent and Easter season. As parishioners consider ways to give sacrificially during Lent, here are four ways to engage your church and utilize your online giving program for the season. 

Refresh and Personalize Events

-Add new, engaging images and descriptions to your online giving webpages or events.

-In addition to your ongoing annual events, consider creating seasonal collections like funding -Easter mass by guest speaker, flowers or related activities.

-Add social sharing buttons to event pages so that donors can share it with their friends and families. 

-Share event links and include steps that walk through how people can register online. We can help gather your emails if you haven’t already completed this process. Having your email lists ready is work half done. 

-Donors are increasingly asking to simplify giving. How can they make a gift in 5 seconds or less? This Lent, we can help you use “Smart Messaging,” which allows for donors to make a gift without ever leaving their email. The response by donors has been fantastic.  

Tell Parishioners How Online Giving is Convenient for Them 

-Place posters in high traffic areas of your parish that describe the benefits of online giving and give direction on how to participate

-Include a bulletin insert during Holy Week Masses to encourage visitors to give to the church.

-Feature online giving prominently on your website home page to take advantage of higher than usual website traffic during Lent.

-Create personalized Pew Cards for your parish using GiveCentral. This invites parishioners to make donations online or via Text-to-Give. Let your parishioners know about the pew cards before, during or at the end of each liturgy.

Share Your Progress

-Announce after reflections or every Sunday of Lent specific collections and why almsgiving is an important part of Lenten practice. If you can’t do it every week, make sure you communicate at least twice during the 40 days of Lent. 

-Share links to your collections on Facebook and ask parishioners to share. 

Promote Your Events

Reach out to new parishioners and visitors. We have a texting tool which allows new parishioners and visitors to reach out to you in real time with their contact information. We have had other parishes use this during Lent and Easter who have been able to get new contact information on new donors. Ask your parishioners on Palm Sunday and Easter to consider making a gift using the keyword “Easter.”  For visitors, please ask them to use the keyword “Quick” along with your Text to Engage number. Those that wish to engage more with your parish will respond.  It is a great way to build community.

-If you are planning special virtual events or services, include them in your bulletin every week during Lent.

-Feature events on your website and social media. 

Let Us Help You This Lent Season

-Lent is always a time of prayer and reflection for our faith community. This Lent is a time of even greater reflection as we deal with the impact of ongoing news and the concern of so many within our communities.

-When we look at our communications this Lent, these should be themes that we are focused on because this is what our community is asking us for.

Our goal is always to help you in your mission and ministry. Please let us know how we can help you this Lent. Contact us to learn how we can help you personalize and enhance your communications to your donors and your community.

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