Text to Give: Fundraising that’s as easy as sending a text

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Text to Give: Fundraising that’s as easy as sending a text

By 2018, mobile devices will account for 57% of all internet traffic. And in the past one year, mobile giving donations have increased by 205%. These figures are enough to show you the importance of mobile giving when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits.

In today’s fast paced world, donors simply don’t have the time to sit at the computer, carefully select a nonprofit, type in their donation amount, fill out their credit card information and then make a donation. There is the need of the times for something faster, something easier, and something that can be carried in their pocket.

This is why GiveCentral is proud to introduce Text to Give –  a phone centric fundraising feature that makes giving as simple as sending a text.

How does it work?

Your donors could simply text their information to your unique texting number. They will automatically receive a thank you text with a link that sends them to your customized, mobile friendly donation page. You have the option to select the look of the page as well as the end point of donation. The transaction is simple, fast and can be done from any smartphone.

Your  Text to Give number is just like any other contact information. Just like your social media handles or your phone numbers. You could include this information along with your other contact details to your donors, in your emails. It’s similar to a personal phone number.

With fundraising made this easy, your nonprofit would get the extra time to spend on building donor relationships and planning the campaign. It is important to make the donor experience as seamless as one can to convert them into your long term supporters. Donor centric is the keyword when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. In this backdrop, Text to Give, the mobile giving option, fits in perfectly into any nonprofit’s fundraising apparatus.

What is text-to-give a big deal?

Mobile Giving features like your POS for event fundraising and text-to-give services make for a great, quick and cost effective fundraising feature. Text to give doesn’t depend on check or cash, it is secure, setting up donor information or adding a new profile is easy- so easy your donors can do it themselves in two simple steps. When integrated with a powerful donor management software, the seemingly outdated source of donation collection becomes a powerful tool.


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