5 Conferences that every nonprofit must attend in 2018

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5 Conferences that every nonprofit must attend in 2018

For a successful fundraising for nonprofits, there has to be efficiency in every aspect of the organizational structure. Conferences could help you achieve this by giving you a round up on the latest developments. Not only do you get to listen to inspiring keynotes from thought leaders and other professionals but also get to network with them.

Here are some conferences that we have selected for you and believe that every nonprofit must attend in 2018.

 Nonprofit Innovation and Optimization Summit

This summit focuses on the various strategies which could help in fundraising for nonprofits. Themes ranging from online marketing, social media marketing, email marketing to search marketing would be discussed in it. Apart from delving deep into donor trends and challenges related to nonprofit sector which are expected to emerge in the upcoming year, it is also going to provide valuable information regarding innovative marketing practices and platforms. It will be held in San Antonio, Texas from September 27-28.

Tech Now Conference

This is a one day regional conference which brings together nonprofits, different technology resources and the people these nonprofits would need to succeed. This year, it will be held in Pittsburgh, on October 3.

The Communications Network Annual Conference

This is the premier global leadership gathering for nonprofit leaders. The use of strategic communications for building a better world is discussed here. This is to be organised in San Francisco, from October 10-12.

The 2018 Alliance for Nonprofit Management Annual Capacity Builder’s Conference

In this summit, consultants, coaches, funders, academics, etc come together to convene, dialogue, learn, shape and advance the nonprofit sector and the communities that it serves. This will be held in Hartford, from October 10-12.

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

This event is targeted towards donor engagement in order to boost donations and ensure a steady stream of funds for your nonprofit. It hosts a private Facebook group with the various attendees in it, which could serve as a great platform to network with some of the best in the sector. It is planned to be held in Orlando, Florida, from October 15-17.

These are some great upcoming conferences that your nonprofit must attend. Learning and adapting to change is the key to success.

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