What are the benefits of social media for nonprofits?

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What are the benefits of social media for nonprofits?

Like any other business, you want to put your products (causes, fundraising events and outlets) in front of people that matter (prospect donors in our case.) You are also on a lookout for the most cost effective way to achieve this objective. While traditional advertising is still very effective, it also would take a big chunk away from your marketing budget.

This is where online networks and social media, comes into play. It has a significant influence in people’s lives and one could not only connect with their friends but also engage in business activities on it. This is where relationships are built and networks are formed. According to statistics portal Statista, there were 2.23 billion active users on Facebook in the month of April, 2018. The numbers are huge no matter which social media platform that you pick – be it Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. This tells us why social media for nonprofit fundraising is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity.

In this article, we list down some benefits of social media for nonprofit fundraising.

It is cost effective

Social media is an extremely cost effective and a high impact way of marketing oneself. You could reach a large range of audience spread across wide geographical locations. All you need to do is articulate some great content which your potential donors could connect with and then spread the messages on all the social media platforms.

Involves all your supporters

Social media helps create an overall integrated experience for all the issues that people support. They get an opportunity on social media to show their friends and acquaintances all the good work that they are associated with. This goes on to create multiple stakeholders for your cause.

Engages your current donor base

It is not only a cost effective way of finding new supporters but is also a great space to keep your current donors engaged. Keep them updated on all the good work that you are doing and the progress of your campaign. This will make them believe that their hard earned money went to the right place and build their trust in your nonprofit.

Venue for fundraising

Social media is a great place to mobilize individuals to take part or volunteer in an event. Have a clear call to action and raise some much needed funds. You could also create use the social media platforms to do some fundraising in addition to all the various other methods.

These are a few reasons why social media for nonprofits is a must. Things have got way easier and efficient with the help of technology. Adopt it and stay ahead of the curve to make the most out of all the opportunities.

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