Things nonprofits could learn from Amazon Prime.

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Things nonprofits could learn from Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime has been creating some ripples in the business space with its unique model. Now that the Amazon Prime day is here, it is time for nonprofits to reflect on it and take the positives they find.

Donor Experience

Amazon Prime’s success could be attributed to its loyal donor base. Some of the reasons behind this loyalty are its efficiency of online ordering paired with an amazing user experience. The appealing deals that Amazon offers add to it all. Similarly, your donors give to your nonprofit because they share a connection with your cause. Their association with you also depends a lot on the donor experience that you provide them. The easier you make it for your donors the greater would be your support base.

Own version of Amazon Prime Day

Just like the Black Friday, Amazon has created its own version of a holiday with its Prime day. This is when prime members get exclusive discounts. This has been a great way to advertise and their sales have reached record levels. Nonprofits could learn from this and create their own day when they cater specifically to their donors. It could be a donor feedback day or a day when you introduce your donors to the people who have been helped by you and show them the difference that they have helped to bring. #givingtuesday is an example of how nonprofits have created a day for doing good which brings along record level of donations.

Amazon Smile

All year long, people have the opportunity to shop and give back to any nonprofit of their choice through Amazon Smile. A certain percentage of their purchase goes to the particular nonprofit. Given that prime day brings along a lot of sales, this could be the perfect opportunity for your nonprofit to register with Amazon Smile as a charity and gain some new supporters and funds.

Every holiday provides an opportunity for nonprofits to rally around and raise a lot of funds. Amazon prime day is no different. Your nonprofit could use this day to their advantage apart from all the learnings that it could impart.

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