7 Ways to Choosing the Perfect Donor Management Software

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7 Ways to Choosing the Perfect Donor Management Software

The right management software is your perfect solution when it comes to saving time and money while bringing in more funds and managing the same. You as a nonprofit will have to do a lot of digging and good research in order to find the software which sits perfectly for your organization. 

A perfect donor management software is very close and similar to a nonprofit CRM. In simple terms, it is basically a software that enables you to keep track of your donors by listing them, maintaining the record of their details such as names and other information. It also allows nonprofits to keep a tab on the donation amount and pattern of each donor; this helps in segregation of donors and the right timing to send reminders. 

GiveCentral in itself is a donor and donation management system, a fundraising platform and a software that manages all donor information with advanced capabilities that can help target donors based on their recent actions. It also offers customizable communication tools and templates; the system is multipurpose as it provides fundraising tools such as online and mobile giving as well.  

It is important to make the right choice for your nonprofit as there is so much that depends on the donor management software. This article attempts to highlight the various factors and steps that will help you make the best decision. 

Comprehensive donor profiles

It is most preferable when your perfect donor management software is capable of not just keeping and tracking donor records, but also providing you with an easy to operate dashboard. 

  • Categorization – There should be proper categorization of constituents so that the targeting of messages and reminders become easier and quicker.
  • Relevant information – Although a software keeps a track of information, there may be some systems that do not record all the information that you want. Therefore, start from knowing what you need and check if the software matches your requirements. 
  • Detailed tracking – There are some softwares that not only track through individual records but also through family units.

Desired functionality

Research is the word here. Read and find out the common features of the software that you’re considering. Make sure that it aligns with your requirement and budget. When it comes to functionalities that you require, you may want to consider the following:

  • Offline and online giving options
  • Donor information for both types of giving
  • Reminders, direct and customizable mail support and letters
  • Suggestion for gift amounts (determined by largest or average or latest gift amounts)

Software for nonprofits

As you look around, focus only on the systems that have been made solely for nonprofits. There are management systems for for-profit organizations too, the information that gets recorded here may differ from what you need. You need a perfect donor management software for your nonprofit campaigns. 

Identification of major donors

The sea consists of both big and smaller fishes, that is what makes it complete. But the main attractions are mainly the bigger ones; your software has to function as your eyes to identify the major donors and a sharp one at that. It doesn’t stop at identification, cultivating major donors is equally important. This will help you kick off your major gifts program. 

  • Customizing your emails and sorting the recipients will become easier
  • Your nonprofit will be able to give enough attention to major donors

Tracking of current campaigns

Your software should be able to tell you which campaign is raising the most money. It is best when the campaign’s progress and status is displayed on a dashboard. This will help your staff too, it will make it easier to figure out which campaigns need a push.

Reporting system

Data is important, it helps you derive results. All your efforts would be of no use if there isn’t any proper report at the end of the campaign. Therefore, look for a software with good reporting system that will enable the following:

  • Prioritize work – The software must be able to tell you which regular donors have donated in your current campaign. It will imply a follow up activity.
  • Analyze campaign results and determine the good and bad strategies
  • Emails and requests – The management software should be able to tell you which communication mode works best for which donor. 


It is okay to negotiate. Especially when you are a nonprofit organization, it makes sense that you would go for an option that gives excellent services at a lower price than what it usually is. You can always try. 

Once you shortlist a few of your desired nonprofit donor management software, make sure that you book a trial with them. There are a lot of free management software too, it all really depends on what you want on your plate, in terms of features. Make sure that you do not pay for a feature that you will never use. Ask as many questions and always try to be on the clear.

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