Why should you use Twitter for your nonprofit fundraising

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Why should you use Twitter for your nonprofit fundraising

In this fast paced world, people usually don’t have the time to process long bits of information unless it really affects them. Moreover, the attention spans have been declining over time. Things need to be presented in a brief and easy to read manner. This is where Twitter perfectly fits in. With its 280 characters limit, it has become the go to platform for people to share and process ideas, opinions, feelings, etc. This could be used by nonprofits to their advantage. Integrating an efficient Twitter strategy with mobile giving could mean a lot of donations coming your way.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using Twitter for your nonprofit fundraising

Easy to use

Twitter is an extremely easy to use platform without too many fancy features. The fact that it has a limit of 280 characters means that it provides you an opportunity to post quick updates on your activities and keep your supporters informed.

Presence of a really big community

People are more active on Twitter than on any other social media platform. There were as many as 336 million monthly active users in the first quarter of 2018. This provides a great opportunity for nonprofits to spread their message. It is an extremely low cost and a high impact way of reaching out to people and garnering support. It transcends all the geographical boundaries and anybody who feels passionately about your cause could connect with you.

Keeping it short inspires curiosity

As the messages on Twitter are so short, links to other websites could be included in it where users could find more information. This could be banked upon by nonprofits by using Twitter to drive web traffic to their website and other social media channels.

In an age when people are mostly dependent on their mobile devices to access information and do their transactions, using Twitter effectively is the key to gaining new followers. Complement it with mobile giving and see your nonprofit reaching new heights.

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