#GivingTuesday: Fundraising Ideas

#GivingTuesday: Fundraising Ideas

A few fundraising ideas for you to look at and learn from

After looking at how to set up a campaign, marketing it and using data to analyze it all, let’s look at some fundraising ideas for #GivingTuesday, which kind of kickstarts the year-end fundraising.

Matching Gifts

In its Fighting Poverty campaign, back in 2010, Oxfam had tied up with Pizza Express as its corporate partner for the campaign. A £5 Pizza Express voucher was given out by Oxfam for every £5 donated to them or spent on their promotion merchandise/products. Pizza Express marked their pledge by giving out £1 to the charity for every main course meal bought there. You could learn from this example and put forth your own Matching Gifts concept.

Tag your friends for good

Create an event on social media where one of your volunteers donates $10 to your cause and then tags 10 friends to accept the challenge of giving. If this idea could be marketed well, it could well turn into a movement. $10 is not much to an individual who wants to create a difference and mutual tagging would spread the word like wildfire.

Launch a Peer-to-Peer Campaign

#GivingTuesday starts off the year end fundraising season. This is the time when people are full of gratitude and are looking to get involved in some charitable work and give back to society. You could ask your supporters and volunteers to start a campaign or to make a personal fundraising page on #GivingTuesday so that they can help spread your word among their friends and family while contributing to your cause and bringing about a difference. Make sure you give them specific fundraising goals and follow up on their campaign every few days.

Announcing Rewards on reaching specific milestones

You could set up specific goals and then try setting up a reward if that goal is met. Like you could get a video made by a local celebrity to thank your donors or you could send personal goodies to each one who donated. Come up with something innovative and set targets. This could add motivation to your cause.

#Unselfie Movement

The #Unselfie Movement gained popularity following Typhoon Haiyan. You could learn from this movement and ask your supporters to upload a picture on social media that shows how and why they are giving back. You can start off with your own staff and asking their friends and families to do it. You could ask your supporters to include a link in your donation page.

These were a few examples and ideas for you to look at and learn from. You could take cues from all our previous above blog posts on #GivingTuesday and make the perfect start to your year end fundraising.


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