For effective nonprofit fundraising, consider donor management software

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For effective nonprofit fundraising, consider donor management software

Increase in donor data by growing nonprofits and charities demand that fundraisers take a new approach towards managing all their facts and figures. As there is an upsurge in number, the traditional spreadsheet becomes obsolete. 

A competent software for managing your data is more important than ever to ensure the smooth functioning of your nonprofit fundraising. And donor management software is that competent software which handles your statistics effortlessly.

Key qualities of an absolute donor management software

Fundraisers have to rise above traditional methods and embrace cutting edge technology to address the new challenges in nonprofit fundraising. The challenge is to manage donor and fund data, communicate effectively with your donors, execute text to give and text to donate campaigns and track recurring gifts. We say a donor management software does that, and more, for you. 

CRM and contact information management

A well-built donor management software helps you collect, organize and analyze your donor and donation information along with tracking donation history of each donor, thus performing as a   CRM for your nonprofit. In terms of donor information management, the software has the caliber to – manage all the information related to a gift; follow-ups with your donors; track inactive donors and; identity recurring donors. This simply reduces your workload of maintaining information data to half.

Communication tool

Designed to perform as a communication tool, a donor management software helps you message and email your donors and supporters. Communication plays a pivotal role in any kind of organization. For nonprofits, conveying your fundraising campaigns and goals require you to effectively send out emails. Some donor management software not only lets you compose and send emails but help customize it with the specific requirement. Doesn’t that provide a personal touch to your emails?

Accounting system integration

When your donations and fund transfer is happening online, it makes sense to perform account-related tasks online. How about a donor management software integrated with your accounting system? With a well-integrated software which is compatible with your existing system, you don’t have to struggle with your accounting, costing and grants.

Once you switch to a donor management platform, you will identify how easily and seamlessly you can move across your data. To live up to the benefits of a donor management software, make sure that the interface is user-friendly and the dashboard is easy to navigate. Else the struggle to figure out the functionality of your software will entail you more time rather than save your time.


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