What is the National Day of Giving

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What is the National Day of Giving

What is the National Day of Giving?

There is a day for giving thanks – The Thanksgiving. There are days for getting deals – Black Friday and the Cyber Monday. Since 2012, we have the #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to giving back, globally. It is on this day of charity and giving back that we observe the National Day of Giving. It is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving when people come together to celebrate generosity and humanity, to say the least.

How did it begin?

It was started in 2012, in New York to bring people’s focus to the charity season amidst the commercialized Black Friday and the Cyber Monday. The power of social media was used to rally people around giving back on this day. The #GivingTuesday campaign brings people together to fight for a cause, all around the world.

Why is the day so important?

The National Day of Giving or the #GivingTuesday campaign has become a movement of global proportions. Last year alone, the day has seen a whopping $177 million in donations, increasing from $116 million in 2015. A significant 44 per cent increase in online giving.  And this has been a trend since the campaign has begun. Almost every year, we are witnessing double digit growth in terms of donations and supporters. And what more this day just marks the start of the year end fundraising season.

Statistics suggest that almost 31 per cent of all donations are received during the holiday season. This could well be named as the charity season. This time of the year is really important for nonprofit organizations – not only in terms of their fundraising goals but also for building their community. The better a nonprofit organization could market itself and its cause, the better are its prospects to gain long term supporters. Within this very important season, comes the National Day of Giving or the #GivingTuesday. This could well be used as an opportunity to gain visibility for your nonprofit organization and give a boost to your fundraising campaign. It could help you to reach out to a wide range of audience, garner their support and build a long lasting relationship of trust and reliance.

Did you know? 17% of online donation form views for all Giving Tuesday campaigns were on a mobile device.

7 Best practices for your next mobile giving campaign. 

This National Day of Giving or the #GivingTuesday, as it is more widely known around the globe should be marked as one of the most important events of the year for a nonprofit organization. One should capitalize on this day of giving with an effective fundraising and marketing strategy and make the most of this day and the season of charity that follows it. Need some tips for #GivingTuesday campaign? Read our blog here.

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