4 emails nonprofits and churches can send during COVID-19

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4 emails nonprofits and churches can send during COVID-19

Email marketing is one of the most valuable tools nonprofits and churches can use to stay engaged and connected with their supporters. Email marketing for nonprofits involves spreading the word about your objectives, goals, campaigns and showing the donors the impact and gratitude. But, when today the world is hit by a pandemic, COVID-19, you have a lot more to speak to your donors. Let’s have a look at 4 emails nonprofits and churches can send during COVID-19.

Keep them updated

Since we are practicing social distancing, you either had to cancel events or have to move them online. Your supporters should know about these changes and must be updated with new schedules. Updated information on the website will not be easily reachable to your supporters. You need to reach them at a space where they will actually take notice of your information. 

The email inbox can be a great place to catch your donor’s attention. Draft an email with all the necessary information about the shift in events. Remember to keep your communication clear, informative and clutter-free. 

Show them that you care!

Sometimes each and every email or communication that you send does not have to be for the purpose of marketing. Rather a simple email stating the best practices to follow during the pandemic can leave a great mark of an impression of your brand.

Speaking of the email content, do not write communications that are stressful and upsetting and can cause anxiety among your recipients. Instead, take this opportunity to remind them of measures that are helpful to stop the spread of the virus. Sight reliable websites such as the World Health Organization to back your facts. Write down a warm email showing that your priority is your donor’s, supporter’s and employee’s well-being. Their health is equally important to you as is your campaign. Try using your brand name more often in the email.

Results speak louder than actions

Taking a wide range of measures and running campaigns is a must. Letting donors know about these actions is necessary but something even more necessary is the results. Your donors and supporters are going to be most interested in the results that follow after an action has been implemented.

Consider providing the results till-date of campaigns that you have been running during this pandemic – the campaign can be related to mitigating the impact of COVID-19 or initiative that you have been taking on a regular basis.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone in some or the other way and we understand that your campaigns might not have performed well. In this situation, you can sight an example of the best performing cause from your past years. With this example, adjust your tone and Inspire your donors to donate for an ongoing cause. If your efforts are still not bearing fruits, try improving your online nonprofit fundraising marketing strategies.

Express gratitude

Crafting a beautiful, well-written thank-you email can encourage donors to donate for the second time. A personalized thank-you will be more meaningful, especially in these difficult times.

Generally, your nonprofit sent thank-you notes to donors and supporters when they take a required action – make a gift, participate in an event or volunteer for you. But during this pandemic, appreciate their giving more than ever. Tell them that their donation actually means twice the amount in these trying times.

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