5 Tips To Avoid A Nonprofit Fundraising Crisis During Covid

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5 Tips To Avoid A Nonprofit Fundraising Crisis During Covid

It could be a period for your nonprofit where you must find ways to endure a period of high costs and less raised funds, as events and physical gatherings are not possible. But does that mean you should stop fundraising during this pandemic? What should you do to avoid a nonprofit fundraising disaster for your organization?

Here are a few ways in which your events could transform into effective, digital fundraising campaigns with a both short- and long-term potential!

Your pre-planned Events

So what should you do with those pre-planned events that your nonprofit was planning to conduct this summer? First of all, take the advice of public authorities around you, for your social responsibility must be given the utmost priority. However, if you’re planning a pot-luck or a lawn mowing day, chances are you’re going to have to drop it, as this might not be possible. Rather, improvise. Why not take these events online where you could bring in a lot of audience (for eg- livestreams) and still maintain social distancing. You could even break it down into several smaller events with fewer attendees (such as book reading, a simple chat, etc.).

For churches, it is necessary that they take their masses online and conduct them through a favourable livestream service. Understand that, in most cases, it is necessary to postpone your planned event for now.

It could be that you’re worrying about the signees for your event asking for a reimbursement. However, you could be creative with online events and drive your supporters’ energy towards them.

Smart Communications

While your supporters are at home, they must be spending a whole lot of time on the internet. Capture their attention with impressive PR campaigns about your nonprofit fundraising. For example, church leaders could educate their congregation about how to sign up for online masses and where they could find the details or timings of any online mass in the future.

Explain your supporters how it is totally important for them to stay home. Create interactive posts, for eg- ways to make the most of your time in quarantine, which could get you high engagement.

Construct your messaging strategy in a way that helps you steal the audience’s attention. Have a logical, empathetic trail from the opening line to the call-to-action. If you are communicating with individuals, segment them into those that could be personally affected (weak, elderly, etc) versus those that should be more focused on responsibility for others.

Proper Budgeting

We all need to pull some weight. All of us are affected. All we can do is work together to share the burden.

Same goes for the specifics of managing your budget so that the adverse effects of cancellations or postponements are handled well. At the basic level this is about being conscious about the profit/loss you might have to incur. Communicate with your donors about repurposing their commitment either to a postponed event – or to your cause, considering the situation.

The Proper Executioner

If you were going to conduct a marathon for a nonprofit fundraising event, how about asking your supporters to run in their backyards at the time of the event or the time slot that is already booked in their calendars! If you had an artist coming in, how about broadcasting the gig?

Think differently on how you could fundraise right now. Learn from this crisis and consider it as a strategic opportunity to bring about change towards being a more resilient, flexible and digitally efficient organization.

Let’s Do This.

We all are aware about how important it is going to be with all the humanitarian work going around in the community to counter the adverse effects of coronavirus. Yet, the scope of learning and doing more remains, always. Thus, at GiveCentral, we wanted to cultivate our time with bringing in awareness and ideas for our nonprofit clients, so that they could keep their organizations afloat while staying at home during this pandemic. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact us today!

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