YouTube comes up with new fundraising tools for nonprofits

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YouTube comes up with new fundraising tools for nonprofits

YouTube has launched a few new tools to help and support nonprofit fundraising. Their creators say that they have already been using the video platform to raise awareness about the causes that they care about and bring their communities together. YouTube is to take care of all the logistics and payment processing while the nonprofits just need to set up their campaigns.

Here are some new fundraising tools for nonprofits that YouTube has come up with.

YouTube Giving

The beta version of YouTube Giving will now be visible on select nonprofit channels where it will be easier for fans to donate. A visible Donate button is embedded with the fundraising campaign by placing it right next to the creator’s videos and broadcasts. For now, it is set to cover the entire donation transaction fees.

Community Fundraisers

The platform has also rolled out the beta version of a tool called the community fundraisers which could be used by several groups to raise funds together. It is similar to the basic fundraiser tool apart from the fact that it can show the same campaign on all participant’s accounts. Initially, it is open only to a limited number of creators and nonprofits.

Campaign Matching

In a few weeks, YouTube is set to launch Campaign Matching which is to display matching pledges from creators and brands within the fundraising space. Earlier in the year, Facebook has already started the feature that made it easier for users to match funds they raise for charity on the site.

Super Chat for Good

This is a variant of Super Chats which is supposed to give all the donations by the paying commenter’s to the creator’s nonprofit of choice.

These are a few tools that YouTube has come up with or is planning to roll out in a few weeks. Even though, for now, these tools will be limited only to qualifying United States registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits, it is set to provide a huge boost to nonprofit fundraising.

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