Ways to send your donors some love this Valentine’s

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Ways to send your donors some love this Valentine’s

Donors are the ones to keep your nonprofit engine up and running. It is because of their generosity and blessings that your nonprofit achieves the desired goals. In this backdrop, it is only imperative that you show your love and gratitude towards your donors and volunteers. In this blog we discuss why donor thank you’s should be a of your donor communication, and what better time to do that than the Valentine’s?

Thanking them on this day without asking for any donations would help you strengthen your relationship with them, leading to active and engaged donors. It would make them feel special. Let them know what they mean to your organization. This would help you in having them back again and increasing your donor retention rates. Moreover it would translate into higher donations for your future campaigns.

Here, we have compiled a few ways for you to learn from and thank your donors this Valentine’s. 

Hand Made Cards

To make it more personal for them, you could ask your volunteers to participate in churning out a few hand made cards. Send this to your donors with a personalized message. This could go a long way in melting the hearts of your donors.

Note: Most donor communication tools have this feature automated. You could even create emails from pre-embedded email templates and schedule the message in advance. It’s that simple!


Flowers are always appropriate and welcome. Make it thoughtful for them by sending in some flowers along their way. Add a personal note, or show them where the donations are being used. 


You could craft an appropriate message for them and send emails thanking them for all their support. Show your gratitude and love towards them quite clearly.


Throw a party for them. At the party, thank each of them personally and let them know how valuable their contributions have been for your organization. Tell them about all the difference that their support has helped your organization bring in.

Singing Telegram

You could get some local singers who could sing a jingle or a pop song for your donors, thanking them. This could make your donors feel special and strengthen their relationship with your organization.

Traditional Card

Send in a traditional card. Write that they are special in it.

Card from the ones who have been helped

You could ask the people who have been helped by you to write a note of thanks for your donors. This could create an emotional connect between them. To receive love directly from the people whose lives they have helped to change would be something special.

These were a few ways by which you could thank your donors and strengthen your relationship with them. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for you to show your gratitude to your donors and to let them know what they mean for your organization.

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