[Infographic] Creative and Classic Easter Fundraising Ideas

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[Infographic] Creative and Classic Easter Fundraising Ideas

A Nonprofit’s account is mainly supplied by: membership fees, profit from lucrative activities, donations. The search for new methods of financial support is always ongoing. Certain events and holidays are particularly rewarding for nonprofit fundraising. Here are some ideas for fundraising this Easter, some more classic, others completely crazy and original.

[Infographic] Creative and Classic Easter Fundraising Ideas

You don’t need a lot of time or resources to host a fantastic fundraising event this season.

1st thing to do, set the date.

Then invite everyone to participate in the egg hunt and lunch. You will be able to predict the number of chocolate eggs to buy, as well as the number of layers and croissants.

Depending on the average age of participants, you will find a small or a medium route during which you will have a few people from the organizing committee who will pass cool tests … .. Beh yes, the eggs must be earned anyway!

With each successful test, the children can seek and collect the number of eggs to which they are entitled (we advise to determine an egg color by age group and to hide well those of large children, while those of nursery schools will be more prominent).

The end of the route must be the gathering place for lunch together.

Do not forget to put 2 people at the start , to check the participants, give them a plastic bag for the distracted, as well as tickets which will give right to the necks and croissants.

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