What to do this Valentine’s to share the love for your cause?

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What to do this Valentine’s to share the love for your cause?

Valentine’s Day has to be the most loved up times of the year. There is love all around in the air and people like to spend their time with their special ones. It goes without saying that generosity usually follows love. As has been the case with all major festivities, Valentine’s Day as an event has stood out when it comes to businesses across the world. There is no reason why nonprofits should not become a part of this extravaganza. In the times of love and generosity, a well thought out strategy and some hard work could go a long way in getting some huge donations and the much needed love for your cause.

Here are a few things to remember to share the love for your cause this Valentine’s Day.

Setting a goal for yourself

Decide on what cause you are going to be focusing on, in this Valentine’s. Figure out something which suits your larger goal but is also relatable based on the time of the year. Something that people could easily connect with or passionately feel for. Once you have decided on your goal, you will need to look at your funds and decide on your budget. Calculate the shortfall that you would have to raise from your donors.

Share a Great Story

Articulate a great story for your potential donors to feel for. Move them with the power of its emotions. Once you are successful in striking a chord, the donations would just pour in. Moreover, people would become long term supporters of your cause and give all the love to it that your it deserves.

Social Media Marketing

Use the power of social media to market your cause. Not only will it help you to reach a huge number of people spread across a large geographical area but it is also a low cost and a high impact method of getting your voice heard. Make use of the different social media platforms and the varying communication channels that it offers to connect with the different sets of people. Articulate your message accordingly, based on your channel of communication. This would ensure that you are reaching out to as much as you can. Involve your supporters and volunteers to share your messages on their individual social media accounts. This would spread your word like wildfire.

Mobile Giving

Make it easy to give for anyone who would want to make a donation to your cause. This could be best done by adopting mobile giving which would allow all your potential donors to give on the go –  whenever and however they would want to.

These are some of the things that you should keep in your mind while going about your Valentine’s Day campaign. Share the love that your cause deserves by working hard for the day and preparing well in advance.

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