Spring clean into your nonprofit fundraising calendar

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Spring clean into your nonprofit fundraising calendar

You know spring is here when temperatures are warming and plants are growing once again. The weather gets pleasant and one no longer needs to be holed up indoors like they did in winters. People go out and spend more time outdoors. Spring is the time of fresh starts. This lends itself to spring cleaning too – a fresh start for your home. After a long winter of grime and dust, it feels refreshing to deep clean and start fresh. This time could be used as an opportunity by nonprofits fundraising, to refocus.

You could freshen up things ranging from your office space to your nonprofit fundraising efforts. Here are some spring cleaning tips which could give a boost to your overall fundraising efforts.

Target potential new donors

Spring comes around three months past New Year’s Resolution season. A lot of people resolve each year to donate more to charities but fail to follow up. You could try and capitalize on the fresh start attitude that spring brings along with it and create a campaign targeting new donors.

Have a relook at your donor rolls

Spring could be the perfect time to have a relook at your donor database and to get to some spring cleaning. Get in touch with those donors in your database who are dormant but have a history of giving. These are the ones who haven’t donated to your nonprofit in the last 2 or 3 years. The ones who respond back in the negative could be cleaned up from your donor rolls.

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Mobile Giving

Mobile giving is a must if you haven’t yet implemented it. It would allow your donors to give on the go, whenever and wherever they would want to. The easier you make it for your donors, the more would be the amount of donations coming in.

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You could take advantage of all the freshness that spring comes with for a successful fundraising for nonprofits. It’s time to clean up your old ways and adopt the latest trends.

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