Nonprofit fundraising: Tips to improve donor retention rate

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Nonprofit fundraising: Tips to improve donor retention rate

Donors form the backbone of a nonprofit’s mission. One of the foremost objectives of a nonprofit is to raise as much donations as they could, to fund their cause. Reaching out to new audience is a way to attain this. But it gets much more easier for any nonprofit if they are able to retain their old donors. A donor retained can prove to be of greater value than acquiring a new one.

If you could find long term supporters who remain with you through thick and thin, half your worries would be solved. For that to happen the focus has to be on donor retention. You need to make it worth it for them to keep coming back to your nonprofit. Enriching and smoothing the donor experience has to be at the center.

Here, we have compiled a few tips to improve the donor retention rate for your nonprofit.

Keep your donors in the loop

You must ensure to keep your donors updated. Let them know how you are planning to use their money. Keep them regularly posted on the progress of your campaign. This would make them feel as an essential part of your campaign. More importantly, it will go a long way to build their trust in your nonprofit.

Share Stories

People connect more with stories rather than numbers. It’s the emotions in those stories that have the power to stir people up. Let them know about all the difference that their efforts have helped to bring in. Show them clearly the link between their act of giving and the impact that it has brought about.

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Mobile Giving

In this fast paced world, people don’t seem to have the time to look around for ways to give. The easier you make it for them to donate, the higher would be the amount of donations coming in. Your donor retention rates would go up too. Keeping this in mind, you need to make the process of giving as smooth as you can. Make use of mobile giving and allow your donors to give on the go.

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Various Giving Levels

At times, your donors could have some genuine financial constraints which could make giving difficult for them. By having various giving levels with a range of denominations, you make sure that anybody who wants to remain a part of your cause, is able to do that. It’s not just the value of donation that is important but also the support that they give to your nonprofit. This would give you the strength to keep going.

These were a few tips for you to learn from which could help you in improving your donor retention rates. Being able to retain the old donors would mean that you have an assured flow of funds and support. This gives you all the reasons to keep donor retention at the center of your efforts.

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