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#GivingTuesday Campaign Made Easy – Free Social Media Templates

With two months to go, now is the best time to start preparing your #GivingTuesday campaign.  Think about your strategy, your key event ideas and you will find that putting together great content and visuals becomes fairly easy.To help you set up the groundwork for success, we have several templates and content ideas that you can make your own and get started right away! 

Here are some social media templates for #GivingTuesday, along with tips and timings that you target. More resources to follow at the end of the post. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog as we are coming up with a handbook on emails and other creatives at the end of the month! 

 Let’s get started.

Before Giving Tuesday

You’ve heard about #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, but what about #GivingTuesday? [Organization name] is participating in this international day of giving. We can’t wait to bring our community together to support [mission].

Stay up to date with all things Giving Tuesday and more by [following us/subscribing to our newsletter].

(Include details on what you are raising money for/your project).  (Include your campaign # and the URL to your donation page)

Text on image – The Countdown to #GivingTuesday is on! Stay Tuned for More Information.

During Giving Tuesday

Every act of generosity counts and everyone has something to give.

Whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor out, or showing up for an issue or people we care about, we each have something to contribute. Identify your gifts, pick a cause that gets you fired up, and give back – not just for GivingTuesday but every day.

Text on image – ‘For it is in giving that we receive!’ Happy Giving Tuesday!

It’s here… #GivingTuesday! In the next 24 hours, we’re looking to [raise $X] to support [mission]. Help us start the day strong by making a donation and clicking that share button!

Text on image – Save The Date. Giving Tuesday is coming on November 29th!

Last year we were able to raise [$X] to provide [tangible impact of your Giving Tuesday donations] Can you help us crush that number this year? Donate now, spread the word, and follow along for more exciting updates as the day continues!

Text on image – Giving Tuesday is here! We’re so thankful for your support.

ONLY ONE HOUR LEFT! We’re so grateful to the [X people] who have donated today. While we’ve made serious progress, we’re not done yet! There’s still time for you to show your support and help push us to the finish line!

Text on image – ONLY ONE HOUR LEFT!  You can help push us over the finish line!

After Giving Tuesday

THANK YOU! We set a goal of [raising $X] this #GivingTuesday, and thanks to [X donors] we were able to raise [$X]! Because of your unwavering support, we will be able to [tangible impact of your Giving Tuesday donations].

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! And a special shoutout to our top supporters today [@username, @username, & @username].

Text on image – We did it!  Thank you for helping us reach our goal. 


We hope you find these templates useful and create your best #GivingTuesday campaign this year! If you need similar content on your upcoming campaigns, let us know by leaving your comments below. We’ll be happy to help. 

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