As the world wide web turns 30, GiveCentral shares top 5 ways technology has influenced online giving!

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As the world wide web turns 30, GiveCentral shares top 5 ways technology has influenced online giving!

That internet has completely revolutionized philanthropy, is apparent. There are no logistical limitations anymore.
Here are the top 5 ways we think technology influenced online giving and donor behavior.

More opportunities of giving:

Donate any amount, however small, no matter what age you are. Donate without telling anyone. The possibilities of helping your community out at your convenience are endless.

The crowdfunding revolution:

The internet makes it possible to harness the power of crowd and soliciting millions of smaller gifts. Crowdfunding is a boon for small businesses and nonprofits. It’s a sleek solution to an age-old problem: how to raise money quickly to get things done. Due to its popularity, crowdfunding for philanthropy has evolved pretty fast. The premise is pretty simple–make a video, set up a page, reach out to your network and let the money pour in.


Among the most useful innovations in technology is the Donations via texts. Donor can contribute via text phone by sending an sms, something they have been doing for years. It comes naturally to them, no training or complicated steps required. They can sit back and savor the joy of helping other’s out. GiveCentral’s text-to-donate makes it possible for charities to engage with donors via their smartphones. This technology has benefited several faith-based charities with their recurring giving, fundraising events and relief funds; schools with their tuition, end-of-school, alumni giving and crowdfunding for 15 years now.

Greater awareness of impact:

Nonprofit fundraising, as of now, is undergoing a major shift. It is trying to formalize the way it operated with its donor communication. Thanks to the technological growth and the rise of social media, email marketing, the philanthropy sector has the renewed ability to inform donors of all significant developments that take place with their campaigns. Donors now know exactly where their money goes. The whole system has become more transparent, thanks to donor management softwares like GiveCentral Community.

Increased accountability:

The fact that you can reach the organization you contributed to, and interact with communities and volunteers online, nonprofits and fundraisers in general, are organizing themselves. They are more accountable and the chances of your funds being mis-used are being less reported. A new wave of online giving platforms, and donor management softwares like GiveCentral are on the rise, that maintain high quality standards and are security compliant. Collectively all these factors lead to a positive experience with online giving for your donors.

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