Why should your nonprofit embrace Facebook

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Why should your nonprofit embrace Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for marketing your cause as most people these days are connected to it. You could leverage this to spread the word about your work and try to garner as many new supporters as you could. Reaching out to an extremely large audience spread across geographical entities is really easy with this low cost and a high impact way of marketing your cause. After all, it’s marketing which is the key when it comes to a successful fundraising for nonprofits.

Here are some reasons as to why your nonprofit should embrace Facebook.

Reinventing social image

The notion of social media has got a makeover.  One could create a persona for themselves on Facebook. It is considered noble to support a cause and people on social media want others to see them getting involved with charities. Use of Facebook to host/promote a fundraiser is seen both as positive and trendy.

Setting up an Example

One of the reasons why Facebook is a great platform to initiate your campaign is that they themselves get actively involved and support various causes. Peer to peer campaigns which depend on people’s interactions generate a lot of donation support from Facebook itself.

Usage of Advertising

You could make use of Facebook advertising by spending a little amount to boost your post. You could choose the target audience, the total budget and the duration you want it to run. This will ensure that your posts reach to your intended audience.

Locating your audience

You can create a custom audience list on Facebook for your campaign. You could upload your email list and use Facebook’s lookalike audience targeting to create an audience from it.

Optimizing for other devices

With an already optimized interface for mobile devices and people accessing Facebook many times a day, you could have people access all your posts or messages by just a tap on their mobile devices.

Sending your messages across

You could post as often as you want to on Facebook to increase your visibility. Timing is the key as there are lots of other content you will have to compete against. To maximize your reach you could put up more versions of your call to action. You could utilize the platform best by having a comprehensive approach where your call to action encourages people to share your cause and generate email sign-ups.

Fundraising for nonprofits has become increasingly popular on Facebook. It allows you to connect to a large audience at an extremely low cost. Moreover, with social media occupying a large role in how people view their engagement with society, Facebook is here to stay for a very long time to come.

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