Planning a fundraiser: The Ultimate Crowdfunding Checklist

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Planning a fundraiser: The Ultimate Crowdfunding Checklist

Crowdfunding is a mechanism that allows funds to be raised for an individual cause or an organization, generally small amounts, from a large number of individuals using an online platform. In the wake of COVID-19, when organizations and donors are both still operating from their homes,  it is more essential than ever for nonprofits to try this method of virtual fundraising. Here are some more reasons why.  

At its core, the approach to planning a crowdfunding campaign is not very different from other fundraising models. However, it might seem tedious if you are just beginning or don many hats. You also need a dedicated team member to engage with your supporters and support them throughout the journey. The more you are actively involved, the more people your campaign can reach.

In order to help, we have created this ultimate crowdfunding checklist that covers everything from planning to promotions, from engaging new donors to how to follow up with them easily. 

Download it, print it and use it. When thousands of dollars are on the line, there is no way you can forego this checklist to keep track of every step of your event.

Before we get down to the checklist, one of the key components of fundraising we want you to remember- whether virtual or not, is communication – it’s by communicating with others on the action of your charity that you can encourage them to give. An efficient collector must be capable of showing donors how their contribution (donation) contributes to strengthening the organization’s capacity to satisfy the needs of the beneficiaries and bring about positive change. Everyone in your organization has the potential to raise funds. It is therefore necessary that all staff and volunteers have a good understanding of the organization’s mission and the legitimacy of its object. 

So, let’s begin!

Ultimate Crowdfunding Checklist

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