5 Reasons Why GiveCentral Is The Best Giving Platform For You

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5 Reasons Why GiveCentral Is The Best Giving Platform For You

How do you define a good nonprofit fundraising platform? In simple words, an ideal fundraising platform will be one that meets all of your organization’s fundraising needs. From taking care of your campaign communication to handling your donor data seamlessly, a platform that compliments your nonprofit’s mission is what you should opt for. While choosing the best giving platform, there are a few considerations that come into the picture:

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Great support team
  • Ease of use for both nonprofits and donors

GiveCentral surely meets these considerations. In addition, the services and features that GiveCentral provides is one that will leave you satisfied and content. Here are the reasons why GiveCentral is the best giving platform for you. 

GiveCentral Event Support

As an organization looking for an excellent nonprofit fundraising platform, it is always nice to be treated as more than a client. At GiveCentral, nonprofits get treated as partners rather than clients, working towards the same goal. The use of modern technology is huge today and many times, nonprofits have to go above and beyond with transaction methods. This is where GiveCentral Event Support brings with it many benefits that can largely improve your campaign results. 

  • Bluetooth swipers and an app that enables donations from any Android/iOS powered smartphone or tablet. These swipers are portable and allow you to take donations at any given time. 
  • Payment preauthorization is available where donors’ cards are pre authorized with permission. This ensures that giving at your event is quicker and easier. 

GiveCentral LIVE

The best giving platform is also one that keeps you ready for all kinds of situations. You never know when hosting a live event will become more convenient for you. Therefore, signing up for GiveCentral LIVE will take a lot of load off you. GiveCentral LIVE offers live streaming feature with multi device compatibility and unmatched customer support. You can also collect donations while your live streaming is on. The feature also enables sharing of the event link to social media platforms. 

GiveCentral Apps & Integrations

Imagine being able to connect the data collected through GiveCentral to the apps that you use everyday. Good news is that this is actually possible with the GiveCentral Apps & Integrations feature. The platform helps you integrate your existing technology and progressive new web and mobile applications. This bridging of data divide is done through APIs. There are many advantages that come with this feature.

  • Faster processing and delivery of data.
  • Unified dashboard to control all your ongoing and new campaigns from one place.
  • Graphical mapping to avoid duplicate donor data.
  • Well maintained data to help you plan better for your next campaign. 


Email is a communication medium that will never go out of practice for many more years. GiveCentral’s SmartGive is an inclusive email tool that offers guidance to donors from pledging to fulfilling payment effortlessly. This tool brings simplicity to the annual appeal process by offering streamlined pledge collection from previous donors thus omitting the need to complete a new pledge form or even log in. SmartGive tokens also increase donation potential by providing percentage based increases varying by donor demographic, to boost past pledge amounts. SmartGive is all about simplicity, it offers single-click pledge reinstatements, offering a direct link allows donors with unfulfilled pledges to reactivate their commitments with ease.

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Modern Giving Methods

As a nonprofit organization in a fast paced world, the need is to blend with the trend. It is well known that online giving is more common among the younger generation. Be it for crowdfunding or school fundraising or any other kind of fundraising campaign, there are several giving methods made available to you by GiveCentral. 

  • Texting tools – This allows donors to make donations directly from their mobile devices, easily and quickly. While Text-to-Connect offers donors the option to input their information directly into your database, Text-to-Engage allows direct donation from mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. It becomes a win-win for both parties. 
  • Mobile giving – This feature is made available through an application called GiveCentral Connect. Donors can update their giving information as and when required and make their donations from their mobile devices. 


With GiveCentral, you only have to pay an affordable price only for the feature or service that you’re opting for. While choosing the best nonprofit fundraising platform for your organization, map out your nonprofit’s top requirements and decide accordingly. Remember, you can always reach out to GiveCentral for all your fundraising needs. 


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